27 of the Best Hawaii Artists That You Should Collect

Are you looking for the best Hawaii artists? Well look no further! This list – from a Hawaii local – includes so many of the most incredible artists in the Hawaiian Islands.

three vintage-style Hawaii posters by Nick Kuchar over wooden background Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.

Hawaii is a place filled with natural beauty, which means it draws the eyes of many talented artists. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of talented Hawaii artists – from those who create their pieces from sea treasures to others who only use paint and a canvas. While there are many more amazing Hawaii artists, this list of 27 is meant to spark your curiosity into this creative world.

*Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co. All opinions are from Borders & Bucket Lists.

The Best Hawaii Artists

The Hawaii artists in this section are some of my personal favorites. While they create various forms of art from posters to murals to fabrics, they all have a special talent that deserves to be highlighted.

vintage-style poster of Big Beach, Maui by Nick Kuchar
Photo Courtesy of Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.

Nick Kuchar

Since starting his art career nearly a decade ago, Nick Kuchar’s vintage-style Hawaii posters have become recognizable to both locals and visitors alike. His colorful, almost geometric style easily draws viewers’ eyes to the picturesque scene, making him one of the most well-known contemporary artists in the islands today.

Nick Kuchar’s works highlight some of Hawaii’s most stunning landscapes, from the Na Pali Coast on Kauai to the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island. And in case wall prints aren’t your style, you can also get Nick’s designs on hats, towels, tote bags, and more!

You can find Nick Kuchar’s artwork at various retailers through the Hawaiian Islands including Greenroom Gallery, at dozens of other galleries and boutiques across the globe, through 808Arts, and on his website.

green mountain range and crashing waves at night Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Walfrido


Walfrido Garcia, more commonly known as simply Walfrido, is undoubtedly one of the most talented Hawaii artists around. His fantastic use of light and color make it look like his paintings have an otherworldly glow. And when that feature is combined with gorgeous Hawaii landscapes, like beaches and sunsets, you won’t be able to resist!

You’ll have your heart set on purchasing a Walfrido piece – if not now, then someday. As a matter of fact, even Disney Fine Art felt that they had to work with this talented Hawaii artist.

You can find Wafrido’s artwork at various galleries throughout the U.S., through 808Arts, and on his website.

Hawaii artist Wooden Waves depiction of a shave ice treehouse
Photo Courtesy of Wooden Wave

Wooden Wave

Wooden Wave is the name for a husband-and-wife duo, Matt and Roxy Ortiz, who have spread their murals of eco-friendly treehouses all around the country. They are undoubtedly some of the best painters in Hawaii.

Wooden Wave’s artwork has taken them far and wide – from working with boxer Floyd Mayweather to exhibiting their work at the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Museum to participating in season 2 of NBC’s hit show, Making It.

You can find Wooden Wave’s murals all around the U.S. (but particularly in Kakaako on Oahu, Hawaii). You can also purchase Wooden Wave’s artwork on their website.

artwork with colorful array of plants including monstera leaves, plumerias, and ginger
Photo Courtesy of Lauren Roth

Lauren Roth

If you’re looking for Hawaii art that’s super bright and inviting, Lauren Roth may be your gal! The only way to achieve her colorful displays of Hawaiian flora is by using a combination of watercolor, acrylic, ink, and paint markers. And we’re not the only ones who have noticed Lauren’s talent. She’s been featured in Hawaii Magazine, landed a job with Nautica, and worked with famed artist Jake Shimabukuro.

You can find Lauren Roth’s artwork at her main gallery in Kailua, through 808Arts, at various galleries across the U.S. and Japan, and on her website. Use the code BORDERS5 on her website to receive 5% off your order!

Selection of bags and pouches with Jana Lam print designs
Photo Courtesy of Jana Lam

Jana Lam

Jana Lam is the only fabric designer on this list of Hawaii artists, and deservedly so. Her nature-inspired patterns have found their way onto everything from bags to plant pots to blankets to recyclable wrapping paper. As a matter of fact, she’s even expanded into the Hawaii home decor world!

Even though her brand has blown up, Jana and her team continue to create one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. So why not purchase something for yourself?

You can find Jana Lam’s artwork at boutiques across Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, and Australia, as well as on her website.

grid of red and white art pieces hung as an installation in a corner Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Abigail Romanchak

Abigail Romanchak

Although she tells the story in a new and modernized way, Abigail Romanchak shares the story of the Native Hawaiian people through her artwork. As Abigail’s bio states, this Native Hawaiian artist sees her artwork “as a way to empower and assert a Hawaiian sense of identity and culture through art.” While she may not carry on Hawaiian traditions in the traditional sense, she has found an amazing contemporary way to do so.

Abigail’s work has been showcased all across the world, including The White House, The Smithsonian, The Australia National Museum, Hawaii State Art Museum, The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, and so many other locations.

You can learn more about Abigail Romanchak’s artwork on her website.

Fine Art by Hawaii Artists

If you’re an established art collector, consider adding these four amazing Hawaii artists to your collection. These artists all have complex, hard-to-replicate processes to create their pieces, making their works truly unique.

bright colorful hibiscus flower painted by Karen Whitworth Hawaii artist
Photo Courtesy of Karen Whitworth

Karen Whitworth

All of Karen Whitworth‘s works, whether they depict nature or people, shine brightly through the use of vibrant colors and dazzling light. Karen’s latest muse is the beauty of Hawaii. Through her paints, brushes, and overflowing talent, she gorgeously depicts the bright hues and beaming energy of Hawaii’s flowers, animals, and landscapes that no other medium can capture.

You can find Karen Whitworth’s artwork on her website.

*Note: Karen Whitworth is no longer Hawaii-based, but she still produces incredible Hawaii art pieces!

four different paintings by Hawaii artist Garret Kojima depicting Hawaii waves and ocean life
Photo Courtesy of Garret Kojima

Garret Kojima

Garret Kojima’s work centers around the power of the ocean. His bold brushstrokes coupled with Hawaii’s already admirable waves produce art pieces that any ocean lover would dream of hanging in his or her home. In other words, Garrett’s Hawaii paintings are some of the best beach gifts out there!

Garret’s work has given him the opportunity to work with amazing brands like Crazy Shirts and Disney.

You can find Garret Kojima’s artwork at a handful of galleries across Hawaii.

Hawaii artist Lannie Boesiger rendition of the Kalalau Trail on Kauai on wood
Photo Courtesy of Lannie Boesiger

Lannie Boesiger

Lannie Boesiger is a Hawaii mixed media artist unlike any other. Her process combines woodworking, photography, and painting in order to give her pieces a unique vintage vibe. When this technique is combined with the breathtaking natural beauty of the island of Kauai, the result is amazing.

You can find Lannie Boesiger’s artwork at galleries across Kauai or on her website. Use the code BORDERS10 on Lannie’s website to get 10% off your order.

painting of a green mountain, moon, and waves at night
Photo Courtesy of Roy Tabora

Roy Tabora

Unlike many artists on this list, Roy Tabora was introduced to art at a very young age, as he was born into a family of painters. Because Roy has had years of experience, his Hawaii paintings almost look like skillfully captured photographs. That’s just how realistic they are!

You can find Roy Tabora’s artwork at the Tabora Gallery on Kauai or on the Tabora Gallery website.

artwork on wood with two turtles entering ocean by Hawaii Artist Christian Bendo
Photo Courtesy of Christian Bendo

Christian Bendo

Christian Bendo’s artistic process is quite complex. After sourcing local Hawaiian woods, Christian then carves out his design and adds either paint or resin. It’s a process that none of the other artists on this list undertake. And the results are amazing. Through this series of steps, the Hawaiian sea creatures that Christian portrays seem to almost pop out of their frames.

You can find Christian Bendo’s artwork at one of his pop-up stores or on his website.

painting of Hawaiian hula girl by Hawaii artist by Suzy Papanikolas
Photo Courtesy of Suzy Papanikolas

Suzy Papanikolas

Suzy Papanikolas was born and raised on the mainland before moving to the islands, where she established herself as one of the best Maui artists. She recently moved to Hilo, but her mark on Maui has remained. Suzy’s pieces showcase the beauty of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, particularly the art of hula.

You can find Suzy Papanikolas’ artwork at the Maui Hands Gallery in Lahaina or on her website.

Casual, Yet Beautiful Art by Hawaii Artists

Sometimes Hawaii fine art isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Many people prefer casual, yet beautiful art, and these Hawaii artists provide just that!

painting of beach house and beach shoreline by Hawaii artist, Heather Brown
Photo Courtesy of Heather Brown

Heather Brown

Heather Brown may be one of the most recognizable Hawaii artists of today. Known as the “godmother of modern surf art,” Heather’s work completely revolves around Hawaii’s waves and oceans. Rather than taking a realistic approach though, Heather uses an almost pop-art-like, color-blocking approach to make her pieces stand out from the crowd.

And Heather’s art isn’t just for your walls. You can also purchase surfboards, snowboards, and skateboards all decked out in Heather’s wonderful artistry.

You can find Heather Brown’s artwork at galleries across the globe and on her website.

resin-made beach scene with four turtles
Photo Courtesy of Sarah Caudle

Sarah Caudle

Based in Honolulu, Sarah Caudle creates beautiful Hawaii-inspired beach scenes with an unusual medium: resin. By using resin, Sarah is able to give her pieces a cool, calming vibe that is reminiscent of the calmest Hawaii shores. While she typically creates prints, she also has pillows, tote bags, jewelry, and ornaments, which all don her iconic ocean patterns.

You can find Sarah Caudle’s artwork at select galleries across Hawaii and Japan.

*Note: Sarah Caudle closed her U.S. sales at the end of 2021. That said, you can still purchase her beautiful artwork from her Japan store website. And as of 2023, she no longer lives in Hawaii, but you can still admire her beautiful Hawaii-inspired artwork!

Christie Shinn painting of waterfall and red ti leaves
Photo Courtesy of Christie Shinn

Christie Shinn

Christie Shinn‘s artwork takes the natural beauty of Hawaii and makes it pop even more. Her depictions of beautiful palm trees, swaying flowers, and cascading waterfalls all have bright touches of color that immediately captures your attention. While you can get Christie Shinn originals or prints, you can also get smaller, more affordable versions of Christie’s work in the form of towels or stickers.

You can find Christie Shinn’s work at a handful of different retailers across Oahu, through 808Arts, and on her website.

Hawaiian ipu girl art piece by Jack Soren Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Jack Soren

Jack Soren

Jack Soren‘s minimalistic style makes his artwork stand out from the works of the other Hawaii artists on this list. Rather than creating realism, Jack Soren uses eye-catching blocks of color to create vintage-esque Hawaii scenes. On top of all that, Jack’s paintings showcase many of Hawaii’s most beloved activities, including hula, surfing, and lounging on the beach.

You can find Jack Soren’s work though 808Arts and on his website.

set of nature-inspired Mele Kalikimaka greeting cards by Hawaii artist Ashley Kaase
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Kaase

Ashley Kaase

The watercolor pieces produced by Honolulu-based painter Ashley Kaase are truly breathtaking. Most of her works highlight Hawaii flowers, fruits, and plants, including papayas, dragon fruits, pineapples, and monstera leaves. While you can get Ashley’s artwork in the form of original pieces or prints, you can also find her designs on greeting cards, coasters, ornaments, and stickers.

You can find Ashley Kaase’s artwork at about a dozen retail locations on Oahu and Maui, as well as on her website.

*Note: Ashley Kaase is no longer Hawaii-based, but she still creates gorgeous Hawaii-focused art.

painting of orange octopus in front of large blue ink splatter
Photo Courtesy of Kai’ili Kaulukukui

Kai’ili Kaulukukui

Born on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kai’ili Kaulukukui now works out of the trendy neighborhood of Kakaako on Oahu. This Hawaii painter and muralist centers many of his works around Hawaii’s marine life, particularly sharks. As a matter of fact, this cause is so clause to Kai’ili’s heart that he also works at the PangeaSeed Foundation, an international marine conservation organization.

You can find Kai’ili Kaulukukui’s artwork on his website.

woman with tears on her face and a haku with plumerias and hibiscuses on her head
Photo Courtesy of Kamea Hadar

Kamea Hadar

When many people think of Hawaii art, they think of pieces that highlight the beautiful natural landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands. While that’s one aspect of it, Kamea Hadar shows another facet of Hawaii art.

Trained in portraiture, Kamea’s work highlights aspects of Hawaiian culture, such as a haku (symbolic Hawaiian flower crown), which could not be shown without a human figure. This approach to Hawaiian art has taken Kamea far, as he has worked with huge brands, including Hawaiian Airlines, Hurley, and the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Kamea also happens to be the Co-lead Director of Pow! Wow! Worldwide, an amazing mural creation festival. So it should come as no surprise to find out that his murals are dotted all over the islands!

You can find Kamea Hadar’s artwork on his website.

Jewelry by Hawaii Artists

Then, of course, there’s always the option to wear Hawaii-inspired art in the form of jewelry. These Hawaii artists create beautiful necklaces, rings, and earrings, all inspired by the islands.

set of six necklaces with four sunrise shells, one white shell, and one black shark tooth, all dipped in a bit of gold
Photo Courtesy of Rise Jewelry

Rise Jewelry

The pieces created by Rise Jewelry are so stunning and recognizable. By taking gifts from the sea – like sea glass, seashells, sea pottery, and shark teeth – and dipping them in gold or silver, Rise Jewelry highlights the natural beauty of these ocean finds even more! Rise Jewelry creates necklaces, rings, and earrings, so whatever form of jewelry you’re looking for, they have it!

You can find Rise Jewelry’s pieces at select galleries across Hawaii, the mainland U.S., and Japan, as well as on their website. Use the code BORDERS15 on the website for 15% off your order!

Oahu-shaped necklace on checked orange and white blanket Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Imi Jewelry

Imi Jewelry

While Imi Jewelry creates lovely pieces, the main reason it made it onto this list of the best Hawaii artists is because of its Island Pride collection. This collection includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants of the four major Hawaiian Islands (Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Kauai). While straightforward in concept, it’s visually stunning.

Simply put, this Island Pride collection is a great addition to any Hawaii outfit and a perfect Hawaii-themed gift for those with roots or memories from the islands.

You can find Imi Jewelry’s pieces at boutiques across the Hawaiian Islands and on their website.

flower-filled necklace from Catherine Weitzman Jewelry Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Catherine Weitzman Jewelry

Catherine Weitzman Jewelry

Catherine Weitzman Jewelry is definitely one of the coolest Hawaii jewelry companies. The vast majority of Catherine Weitzman’s pieces revolve around nature. The mini coral disk earrings, the snake gemstone necklace, and the large botanical necklace are just a few of Catherine Weitzman’s most eye-catching creations.

You can find Catherine Weitzman Jewelry’s pieces at hundreds of retailers around the world and on their website.

Stationery by Hawaii Artists

If you’re looking for an everyday way to incorporate these amazing Hawaii artists into your life, stationery is a wonderful way to do so. From stickers to notepads, you’ll be able to add little touches of Hawaii art wherever you would like.

stick that says "follow your passion" with a little halved passion fruit/lilikoi. Background is brown leaf mat
Photo Courtesy of DesignJord


If you’re a Hawaii local, you’ll love DesignJord. This Hawaii-based artist creates stationery and stickers that highlight the special parts of Hawaii life, like pieces with spam musubis, ohia lehua blossoms, lilikoi (passion fruit), and the phrase “aloha aina” (love of the land). Get these adorable designs on stickers, envelopes, notepads, cards, postcards, and more!

You can find DesignJord’s work on her website.

Hand holding bright yellow card with three shave ice and say "aloha"
Photo Courtesy of Nico Made

Nico Made

This Honolulu-based stationery company is run by artist and mom, Nicole Ferrara. She creates cards, notepads, notebooks, and art with packed, tropical designs. No matter what the occasion, Nico Made has a product that’s just what you’re looking for.

You can find Nico Made’s work on her website.

four island-inspired notebooks against pale pink background Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Bradley & Lily

Bradley & Lily

Bradley & Lily provides some of the most elegant, Hawaii-inspired stationery available. From cards with golden laua’e leaves to notebooks with picturesque watercolor paintings of Diamond Head, all of Bradley & Lily’s products manage to catch your eye. Personally, I love the Aloha Mail Stickers, because they add a little extra touch of thoughtfulness to your note, letter, or card.

As an added bonus, because Bradley & Lily create all of their notebook covers from recycled felt stock, they’re a great Hawaii-based sustainable business to support!

You can find Bradley & Lily’s work at various boutiques around Hawaii and on their website.

array of Hawaii-themed Christmas cards Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Hontas Higa

Hontas Higa

If you’re looking for a Hawaii stationery artist that adds both a lot of local flair and a touch of humor, Hontas Higa, run by illustrator Jordan Higa, is the one you’re looking for. From cards with opihi (limpets) that say “stuck on you” to others that showcase the islands’ brightly colored geckos, there’s no doubt that Hontas Higa has been influenced by her home.

Hontas Higa sells a wide variety of items, including cards, planners, gift tags, phone cases, prints, and more!

You can find Hontas Higa’s work at Greenroom Hawaii, at Owens & Co. in Chinatown Honolulu, and on her Etsy shop.

rainbow Aloha sticker from left right design Hawaii artist
Photo Courtesy of Left Right Design

Left Right Design

Left Right Design is one of the newest additions to the Hawaii art scene. Run by a Kauai-based artist named Sam, Left Right Design’s cards, prints, and stickers combine a local vibe with a fun flair. My personal favorite is the rainbow aloha sticker (I actually completely bought out one of her batches of this!).

You can find Left Right Design’s pieces on her Etsy shop and at various retailers across the Hawaiian Islands.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the best Hawaii artists! What other Hawaii artists do you love? Tell me about them in the comments!

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  1. My wife Deb Haugen is a local artist also. She teaches urban sketching around the world, and supplies art to TV and film, retail, and hospitality.

    Supplies art to tv and film teaches urban sketch around the world, from Oahu

    1. Hi Greg! Thank you for mentioning your wife and her work! I can’t wait to take a look at the masterpieces she’s created.

  2. My father Juno Galang is pretty well known also was featured with Hawaiian Airlines, The Hawaiian Tel phone book cover, also find is work on his website.

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