48 Best Things to Do on Maui — From a Hawaii Local!

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: While Lahaina and much of West Maui was devastated by the August 8, 2023 wildfires (you can donate to relief efforts on the Help Maui Rise GoFundMe, if you’re interested), the rest of Maui is open to visitors. Your tourism dollars can help Maui rebuild, especially if you make an effort to purchase from local businesses.

Are you looking for the best things to do on Maui? This guide from a Hawaii local has 50 fantastic recommendations.

two-layered cascade of the Oheo Gulch waterfall on Maui's road to Hana, surrounded by greenery. Both the road to Hana and Oheo Gulch are two of the best things to do on Maui.

Maui is quickly catching up to Oahu for the title of the most visited Hawaiian Island. And with its incredible attractions, like Iao Valley, the Road to Hana, and Haleakala, there’s no question of why. Without further ado, here are 50 awesome things to do on Maui.

hula dancer in green haku and grass skirt at Old Lahaina Luau, one of the best things to do on Maui
Photo Courtesy of Old Lahaina Luau

1. Spend an Evening at Old Lahaina Luau

If you’re looking for some things to do on Maui at night, your first pick should definitely be the Old Lahaina Luau. Described as the best luau on Maui, the Old Lahaina Luau is sure to please.

While at this lovely luau, you’ll get the full experience. Get greeted with a lei, dine on authentic Hawaiian food, and watch the Hawaiian hula dancers do their thing.

2. Watch the Nakalele Blowhole

A blowhole is an interesting natural phenomenon. On Maui, there is only one: Nakalele Blowhole.

In order for a blowhole to occur, there needs to be a series of events. First, there need to be some pretty big waves. Second, these waves need to crash into some rocks. Third, the rocks will need to have a decent-sized hole on them pretty close to the edge. Then, when the waves hit the rocks, the water will shoot up from the hole in the rocks due to the pressure, creating a sort of eruption-like image.

*Bonus: This area is also home to Maui’s famous heart-shaped rock.

array of pies from Leoda's things to do on Maui
Photo Courtesy of Leoda’s

3. Munch on a Slice of Pie from Leoda’s

Leoda’s is a local favorite for a slice of pie. With sweet flavors like olowalu lime, macadamia nut chocolate, and apple crumb, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re looking for a savory pot pie, they have those too!

Find the Secret Trails at Iao Valley things to do on Maui

4. Find the Secret Trails at Iao Valley State Park

The stunning natural landscape of Iao Valley usually makes it onto most tourists’ list of things to do on Maui. However, it usually ends up being quite a quick stop, because they don’t know what do there, besides see the famed Iao Needle. Here’s a hint: find the secret trails.

views of green mountains and blue bay from the Waihee Ridge Trail, one of the best things to do on Maui

5. Strap on Your Hiking Shoes and Tackle the Waihee Ridge Trail

Located in the West Maui Mountains lies the Waihee Ridge Trail. This 4.5-mile hike is a local favorite and tends to be rather uncrowded. When you get to the end, you’ll be able to see a stunning view of a large chunk of Northern Maui, as well as the nearby island of Molokai.

6. Check Out the Olivine Pools

At Maui’s Olivine Pools, lava rock and ocean water come together to create a beautiful natural pool. The greenish color from which these pools get their name is from a natural green crystal produced by lava. (It’s the same green crystal that makes the green sand beach on the Big Island green.)

*Note: do not go to the Olivine Pools during high tide, as this is VERY dangerous! The waves here have been known to sweep unsuspecting visitors off the rocks. So before you go, make sure that the tide is very low.

Crescent-shaped island named Molokini, right of the coast of Maui. This little island is a popular snorkeling spot, and one of the best things to do on Maui

7. Snorkel at Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater, a little island off the west coast of Maui, is the most popular snorkeling destination on the island. This crater protects the fish from the currents and waves in the area, so that means that there is a lot to see! Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of the state fish, the humuhumnukunukuapuaa.

Book Here: Molokini Snorkeling Tour

Be sure to use reef safe sunscreen during your Maui beach and snorkeling adventures! Here are some great Hawaii sunscreen options.

Watch Surfers at Peahi things to do on Maui

8. Watch Surfers at Peahi 

Peahi is extremely famous in the surf community, although it is probably more well-known by its colloquial name: Jaws. Also known as Maui’s biggest surf break, this is easily the best place on the island to watch local surfers tackle some humongous waves!

*Note: Peahi is only accessible by 4×4.

Savor Hawaii's Most Delicious Shave Ice at Ululani's

9. Savor Hawaii’s Most Delicious Shave Ice at Ululani’s

The shave ice at Ululani’s is the best shave ice I’ve ever had. And if you’ve spent some time reading the fantastic Hawaii tips I’ve written on Borders & Bucket Lists, you’ll know this isn’t the first time I’ve sung them praises. As a matter of fact, they made it onto my list of 50 things to do in all of Hawaii for their natural syrups and fluffy ice consistency!

Simply put, Ululani’s shave ice is a must for your Maui bucket list.

10. Get Dressed Up and Head to Mama’s Fish House for Dinner

Located in the North Shore town of Paia, Mama’s Fish House is consistently rated as one of the best restaurants on the island. On the menu, it tells you exactly where the fish came from and who it was caught by, whether it’s from the deep-sea reefs of Lanai, the blue waters of Hilo Bay as caught by Kaeo Stokes, or the Auau channel near Molokai.

Interested? Be sure to make a reservation in advance, because it gets booked up quickly!

If Mama’s Fish House really does seem like your kind of vibe, it also has a small inn that you can stay at.

turtle laying on sand things to do on Maui

11. Hit the Beach

There are so many fantastic beaches on Maui, it’d be difficult to list them all. As a matter of fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a beach that isn’t incredible. That said, there are some beaches that still manage to stand out from the crowd.

Hookipa Beach in Paia is known for two things: surfers and turtles, making it a great place to hang out on the shore. Makena Beach, or Big Beach, was once a local secret. Now, it’s a popular place for everyone — locals and tourists alike — to swim to their hearts’ content. And Kapalua Beach is particularly great for snorkeling. Keep your eyes peeled for tropical fish, turtles, and even the occasional eel!

Don’t forget any of your beach essentials for you Maui beach day! This beach packing list should help.

12. Wander Around the Surf Town of Paia

Haleiwa on Oahu is kind of like Paia on Maui. This sleepy surfer town is filled with some of the oldest buildings on the island, and it just has an all-around adorable vibe.

The best thing to do in Paia is just stroll around. Wander in and out of the shops, grab a meal to eat, sip on a cup of local coffee at a cafe, or watch local surfers do their thing at the lovely Paia beaches.

bees buzzing around lavender plants things to do on Maui

13. Stop and Smell the Flowers at the Alii Kula Lavender Farm

On the slopes of Haleakala, you’ll find the gorgeous Alii Kula Lavender Farm. With 8.5 acres of beautiful lavender plants, you’ll smell the farm before you see it — and seeing the rows of bright purple flowers is just as lovely! It’s without a doubt, one of my favorite places to visit on Maui.

As for what to do at Alii Kula Lavender Farm, you have a couple of options. Simply stroll through the violet rows of blooms or pop into the little gift shop, where you can discover fun new lavender recipes and shop for a variety of lavender products.

Do the Road to Hana

14. Do the Road to Hana

One of the most popular things to do on Maui is the road to Hana. But there is a lot of planning that goes into this whopper of an adventure. Will you make it one or two days? Where will you stop? Where will you get food? Do you know where the bathrooms are?

There honestly isn’t one guide out there that does this drive justice (perhaps I’ll write one in the future), so you’ll have to do a lot of Googling and pinning to find the activities that you’ll like to do. To get you started, check out our guide to the worst road to Hana mistakes.

If you want a local to show you the sites instead of trying to plan it yourself, there are quite a few road to Hana tours out there.

Pro Tip: For the ideal day to do the road to Hana, try to pick a day after it has rained in Hana. That way, the waterfalls will be nice and full! And ideally, this day would be nice and sunny, or at least overcast. (In other words, it should not be raining the day of the adventure, but it should rain the day before the adventure.)

Take a Ferry Across the Auau Channel to Lanai

15. Take a Ferry Across the Auau Channel to Lanai

Surprisingly, one of the most popular things to do on Maui is visit the nearby island of Lanai. While there are a ton of things to do on Lanai, this post is on Maui. So the only reason this activity made it onto this Maui bucket list of sorts is because of the the ferry ride over.

As you cross across the Auau Channel to get to Lanai, you may see some spinner dolphins! (That was easily the highlight of my Lanai to Maui ferry ride.) They may be swimming under water near the boat, or they could be jumping out to say hi. How cool is that?

As an alternative, you can take a snorkeling tour to Lanai. While Molokini is definitely the more popular snorkeling spot, Lanai is home to some underwater gems of its own. (You may even get to see the same dolphins from the boat ride over!)

Book Here: Maui to Lanai Snorkeling Tour

tied up stalks of green sugar cane. One of the best things to do on Maui to learn about the island's thiving sugar production history is visit Pioneer Mill Co. in Lahaina.

16. Head to Pioneer Mill Co. to Learn About Hawaii’s Sugar Cane Plantation History

Sugar cane plantations are a huge part of Hawaii’s history. Many locals recall times when they could drive through acres and acres of sugar cane fields. When there was a sweet burning smell and smoke in the distance, they knew not to worry, as it was just the processing of the sugar cane.

Take the time to learn about Hawaii’s sugar cane plantations and their impact on the islands with a quick stop at Pioneer Mill Co. in Lahaina.

17. Hike the Kapalua Coastal Trail

Looking to get out and get active? Look no further than the Kapalua Coastal Trail! This 2.5-mile trail is on a flat boardwalk, which means its very easy to do. And at the same time, you’ll get some of the best views around!

As you walk along this lovely path, take in the stunning ocean views, the thriving native plants, and the hidden beaches. Sounds magical doesn’t it?

Book Here: Road to Hana Tour

Things to Do on Maui Opener Twin Falls

18. Do the Shortest Hike of Your Life to Twin Falls

I always make fun of Waimea Falls on Oahu for being more of a stroll than a “hike.” Twin Falls on Maui might actually beat out Waimea Falls for the award for the easiest “hike” in the Hawaiian Islands.

Just two miles into the road to Hana, you’ll see the dirt parking area for Twin Falls. Be prepared for a five- to ten-minute walk before you see this stunning pair of waterfalls, flowing side by side.

19. Discover Maui’s Only Lava Tube

Finding a lava tube that is NOT on the Big Island of Hawaii is a rare feat. Maui boasts just one lava tube, which is located in Ka Eleku Quarry (which of course is on the road to Hana). Self-guided tours are available every day, but the hours are rather limited (10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.), so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

(By now a pattern should be forming. There are many amazing things to see and do on the road to Hana! Don’t miss out on it!)

Get Transported to the Biblical Garden of Eden road to Hana things to do on Maui

20. Get Transported to the Biblical Garden of Eden

On the road to Hana, there is an arboretum called the Garden of Eden. Filled with thriving plant life, it’s a great place to get out and explore. See stunning native plants (including several varieties of bamboo), stop and smell the blooming local flowers, feed ducks and geese, and get an amazing view of a waterfall down below.

The Garden of Eden also has a combination of walking and driving sections, which means its great for taking things easy while still staying semi-active.

*Bonus: While on the Road to Hana, you’re going to want to keep track of the bathrooms. With your reasonable entrance fee to the Garden of Eden, you’ll also have access to a relatively clean bathroom.

wide cascades of Waikamoi Falls, a waterfall on Maui's road to Hana, surrounded by greenery

21. Make a Pit Stop at Waikamoi Falls

Despite the fact that there are dozens of waterfalls on the road to Hana, my personal favorite Maui waterfall was Waikamoi Falls (just before mile marker 10).

There is no designated parking area for Waikamoi Falls, and nothing to indicate that it is the right waterfall. (It actually took me quite a lot of asking to figure out what the waterfall was called.)

To see Waikamoi Falls, you’ll have to pull over on the side of the road (there is a bit of extra space to park one or two cars before the turn over the bridge). That means, that very few people will be there. Then, after walking for a minute or two, you’ll basically be at the foot of the waterfall!

Experience the East Maui Taro Festival

22. Experience the East Maui Taro Festival

Each spring, Maui locals celebrate the taro plant during the East Maui Taro Festival. Take a tour of Mahele Farm, discover a hidden heiau (a sacred Hawaiian site), and learn everything you’d like to know about taro at this incredible festival.

That said, the highlight of the East Maui Taro Festival may be the poi pounding, the process by which taro is pounded into traditional Hawaiian purple poi. At the end, you’ll have a muted purple creation with an ooblek-like consistency. If you’re brave enough, you can taste it!

Hoping to get a taste of more traditional Hawaiian foods? Visit one of the few authentic Hawaiian restaurants in Hawaii.

23. Take a Dip in Oheo Gulch

Past the town of Hana is Oheo Gulch (also known as Seven Sacred Pools). As implied by the name, there are several pools and waterfalls to discover! While you can see the first couple without much effort, in order to see all seven, there is a two-mile hike known as the Pipiwai Trail that can be quite difficult after a good rainfall.

Because this is technically located in Haleakala National Park, a $25 ticket per car is required, but this ticket is good for three days. So plan your visits to Oheo Gulch and Haleakala within a couple days of each other.

*Note: Most car rental companies do not technically allow you to drive your rental car here, because the road is no longer paved after Hana (and this is about eight miles past Hana).

Aerial view of Honokalani Beach, Maui's only black sand beach and one of the best things to do on Maui

24. Visit Honokalani Beach, Maui’s Only Black Sand Beach

No list of the best things to do on Maui would be complete without Honokalani Beach. Despite the fact that there are quite a few black sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is only one on Maui, and it’s Honokalani Beach.

Located in Waianapanapa State Park, this black sand beach is located on the landmark-filled road to Hana (just past mile marker 32). Spend a few hours just soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the uniquely colored sand.

*Note: Waianapanapa State Park now requires visitors to make reservations in advance. The system can be quite confusing, so it might be a good idea to go in and click around before you actually need to book.

Enjoy the World’s Best Banana Bread at Aunty Sandy’s

25. Enjoy the World’s Best Banana Bread at Aunty Sandy’s

Maui’s best banana bread takes a lot of effort to get to. Aunty Sandy’s is located about 16 miles in on the windy road to Hana on the Keanae Peninsula. The secret to this amazing banana bread (or at least one of the secrets – honestly, it’s so good that there are probably multiple secrets) is the fact that it contains apple bananas rather than regular bananas. This local variety adds more sweetness and more banana flavor to the loaf.

If this is high up on your list of things to do on Maui, you’ll want to start your drive on the road to Hana rather early, because they are only open from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

26. Soak in Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls, also known as Three Bears is another stunning waterfall on the road to Hana. Located between mile markers 19 and 20, this specific waterfall is a little bit different. If you park just before the bridge and look over the edge of the bridge, you’ll actually be able to see Upper Waikani Falls from the top! How cool is that?

plate of six cream puffs on table with red table cloth

27. Grab Some Cream Puffs from T. Komoda Store

For over 100 years, Maui locals have been going to the T. Komoda Store for some bomb cream puffs. The fluffy dough combined with the decadent filling is to die for.

And the cream puffs aren’t the only noteworthy treat at this Maui eatery. The donuts on a stick are also delicious! And while you’re there, why not order a guava malasada too?

If you want to be sure that you’ll get what you want, try to get there early! Like many of the best Hawaii bakeries, T. Komoda Store sells out quickly. (A line starts forming BEFORE they open at 7 a.m.)

28. Dive to St. Anthony’s Shipwreck

Many boats that have been too old to continue have been purposely sunk to create a new reef for the Pacific Ocean’s sea creatures, including St. Anthony’s Shipwreck. This shipwreck is located just off the tourist-filled shores of Wailea, and Makena Coast Dive Charters will take you there.

29. Hop on the World’s Only Water Elevator

Within the water park-like pool area of the Grand Wailea is the only water elevator in the entire world! Hop on this water elevator to take you up to the top of the pool area before you slide back down all four thrilling slides and repeat the cycle.

Book Here: Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa

surfing goat dairy things to do on Maui

30. Visit the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm

When you think Hawaii, you probably don’t think “goat farm,” but the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm may be worth a visit!

Sample some of their thirty different cheeses, including cheeses with mango, wasabi and soy sauce, Maui lavender, and even 23k gold! They also have a couple of other goat milk-based products, such as goat cheese truffles and soaps. If you like them, buy some to take home with you!

There are also four different tours of the farm that you can enjoy (with advanced reservations) – including one where you can try your hand at goat milking!

two red strawberries and one white strawberry on plant things to do on Maui

31. Pick Your Own Pumpkins or Strawberries at Kula Country Farms

Even though Hawaii is a tropical landscape bursting with flourishing fruit, it is very rare to find a farm that will let you pick your own fruit. So if you find yourself on Maui in the fall, go pick some bright orange pumpkins at Kula Country Farms. If you find yourself on island in the spring, go pick some delicious strawberries at Kula Country Farms.

shelves stacked to the brim with ripe yellow pineapples

32. Sip on Pineapple Wine at MauiWine

MauiWine in Kula, Maui figured that if you could make wine out of grapes, why not make it out of pineapples? After all, it’s a lot easier to grow pineapples in Hawaii than it is to grow grapes. Head over and have a few free tastings before you inevitably decide to buy a bottle.

While MauiWine’s pineapple wines are great on their own, they’re also great in mixed drinks. Try a tropical sangria or even a MauiWine mai tai!

33. Take a Rafting Tour to the Kanaio Coast

If you’re looking for one of the most unique things to do on Maui, head to the Kanaio Coast. Located on Maui’s South shore (which is part of Maui’s Upcountry and East side), the Kanaio Coast is largely inaccessible by car (because of difficult, unpaved roads). That means that there’s a lot of untouched land to explore!

The easiest way to explore the Kanaio Coast is by taking a snorkeling tour with Blue Water Rafting to discover this undiscovered coast! Not only will you be able to spot loads of hidden beaches, you’ll also see so many eye-catching marine animals beneath the surface. Colorful fish, turtles, and potentially even manta rays, dolphins, and whales are just the beginning!

Sunrise at Haleakala

34. Catch the Haleakala Sunrise

The sunrise from Maui’s highest peak is absolutely stunning. Pinks, oranges, yellows, and even blues and purples paint the morning sky. But getting to the summit on time can be a bit difficult if you don’t plan it right. Here’s everything you need to know to catch the Haleakala sunrise.

While Haleakala is most beautiful at sunrise, it’s definitely not the only time you can visit. Stop by later in the day to catch a glimpse of the rare silversword plant, only found in Haleakala National Park. Or simply take in the views of the fluffy clouds without the golden glow of sunrise.

Book Here: Haleakala Sunrise Tour

35. And Then Bike All the Way Down the Mountain

That’s right. You can bike down the entire 10,000-foot mountain! While you can do this just after sunrise, you can do it at any time of day with companies like Bike Maui, Skyline Hawaii, and Maui Bombers Bike Tours.

round turquoise bottle of ocean vodka with corked top, locally distilled on Maui
Photo Courtesy of OCEAN Vodka

36. Buy a Bottle of Sustainably-Made OCEAN Vodka

We’ve already heard about Maui’s pineapple wine on this list, but we haven’t yet written about Maui’s sustainably-made vodka. Sold in a round, light blue bottle with a cork, OCEAN vodka gives off a letter-in-a-bottle sort of vibe – but this time, the treasure is organic, Hawaii-made vodka. Tours are available at the distillery and farm in Kula every day.

37. Experience Paniolo Life at the Makawao Rodeo on the Fourth of July

Many people don’t know that Hawaii has their own version of cowboys called paniolos. While the Big Island has the biggest community at Parker Ranch, Maui has their fair share of them as well. See them in action at the Makawao Rodeo at the Oskie Rice Arena on the Fourth of July.

38. Grab a Pineapple Fritter from Krispy Kreme

For locals traveling to Maui, the first stop is ALWAYS Krispy Kreme. Not only is this the only Krispy Kreme location on any of the Hawaiian Islands, but, for a long time, it was the only major donut shop in general on any of the Hawaiian Islands!

Located just outside of the Kahului airport, why not act like a local for a bit and grab a pineapple fritter or two before heading to your hotel?

*Pro Tip: Maui’s Krispy Kreme location is just a short drive away from some of the best Maui poke spots too! So why not get both and make it a fun island meal?

close up of red rambutan, a tropical fruit that you can pick up from Maui farmers markets

39. Stop by a Farmers’ Market

Maui has some pretty cool farmers’ markets. Not only do we have exotic fruits like rambutan, yellow dragon fruit, lilikoi (passion fruit), guava, and so much more readily available, but there are also locally produced treats like honey, fish, and flowers available for purchase at some of the largest farmers’ markets.

If you’re looking for the best farmers’ market of all, many would recommend the Upcountry Farmers’ Market.

aerial view of mom and baby whale in the ocean with their tails out of the water. One of the best things to do on Maui in the winter is go on a whale watching tour.

40. Take a Whale Watching Tour

Whales migrate down to Hawaii in the winter, because the rest of the world is too cold for them. That means there are tons of whales hanging out in our oceans, making it the perfect time to see them. To really get to watch them, you’ll want to take a whale watching tour, because watching from the shore just isn’t the same experience.

*Note: the easiest way to know where the whales are is to look for their spouts!

Book Here: Maui Whale Watching Tour

Spot Some Turtles

41. Spot Some Turtles 

Hawaii is home to a specific endangered type of turtle known as the Hawaiian green sea turtle or honu. In other words, it’s a rare site to see these amazing animals.

For that reason, turtle-spotting is a favorite thing to do in Hawaii in general. After all, that’s why I wrote a whole guide about spotting turtles on Oahu. But if you want to spot some turtles on Maui, you have a lot of options. Head to Keawakapu Beach, Ulua Beach, Poolenalena Beach Park, Hookipa Beach, Maluaka Beach, or Kalepolelo Beach Park (nicknamed Turtle Town).

Oheo Gulch waterfall surrounded by greenery and with a rainbow at the base

42. Rappel Down One of Maui’s Many Waterfalls

There are a couple of companies on Maui, including Rappel Maui and Adventure Maui, that take you on a waterfall rappelling tour on Maui’s east side. These waterfalls are actually reserved for rappelers, so you’ll be able to experience some of the most hidden waterfalls on the island.

If you have a group that wants to go on this waterfall rappelling adventure, but you’re not quite up for it, the companies sometimes offer an “observer” option at a discounted price.

And if you’re looking for a little more insight on this adventure, here’s a first-hand review of a Rappel Maui tour.

43. Take a Tour to Hunt for Wild Boar

If you’re looking for one of the more unusual things to do on Maui, this is definitely it. Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures passes down the traditional Hawaiian way of life by showing visitors how to hunt for wild boar. And this tradition is weaved into every element of the tour, as instead of a gun, they only use a knife or a spear! Are you ready for this crazy adventure?

Interested? Make sure you have everything you need (including a Hawaii State hunting license) before you head out!

44. Buy Fruit from One of the Honor System Fruit Stands

As you drive around Maui, particularly in the Haleakala and Kula areas, you’ll notice that there are unattended fruit stands on the side of the road. Each of these stands will have a price for the fruit and a little container for the money. So why not pick up some locally-grown fruit to enjoy later?

nene goose, Hawaii's state bird, wandering in some dried grass

45. Wander Around Kula Botanical Garden

The slopes of Haleakala are the perfect landscape and temperature for growing various plants, and the Kula Botanical Garden takes advantage of that. This little garden is home to many native Hawaiian plants – and the endangered Hawaii state bird: the nene goose. If you get to see one of these rare birds, consider yourself lucky!

46. Do a Hike or Beach Clean-Up

Hopefully this list will inspire you to do quite a few things on Maui, so don’t forget to thank the island for the wonderful time you had on it! To pay it back, consider doing a hike or beach clean-up. It’s rather simple really. Just grab a trash bag and perhaps some gloves and pick up anything that isn’t supposed to be there. Thank you in advance!

47. Pop by Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii’s Only Red Sand Beach – ILLEGAL

Not only is Maui home to one of Hawaii’s rare black sand beaches, but it is also home to Hawaii’s ONLY Red Sand Beach. Kaihalulu Beach also requires a drive on the road to Hana, because this treasure is actually in Hana!

Just as a warning, getting to the Kaihalulu Beach is quite difficult, and, consequently, many visitors end up injuring themselves. For this reason, visiting Kaihalulu Beach is sometimes illegal (the law changes rather frequently), so be sure to do your research before trying to get to the elusive red sand beach.

48. Experience the Lighting of the Lahaina Banyan Tree – TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

The Lahaina Banyan Tree was severely burned during the August 2023 Lahaina wildfires. While there is hope that the tree will survive the damage, it is unlikely that this annual lighting ceremony will happen for quite some time.

The large, nearly 150-year-old banyan tree is the most iconic landmark of the town of Lahaina. During the first weekend each December, this banyan tree is lit up with thousands of colored lights. It’s one of the best things to do in Lahaina.

Planning on visiting Maui sometime soon? Or maybe you simply enjoyed this post? Pin it for later!

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    1. Haha I’m glad you’re so open to all the suggestions! With that mindset, you can have a fantastic time on any of the Hawaiian Islands :).

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    1. Wow it looks like you did a lot during your trips over! And I’m glad I was able to suggest a few more activities for your next visit :).

  4. I love all the vegetarian-friendly tropical food options! I’d love to try to the shave ice, pineapple fritters and pineapple wine… think I could make a meal out of all three? ?

  5. I love how extensive this list is! I have a friend going to Maui next month so I am definitely sending it to her. The Lava tubes, waterfalls, banana bread, and all of the hikes sound amazing.

  6. What a huge list! I’ve never been to Maui but I love the sound of all the hiking and waterfalls. And snorkelling at Molokin crater sounds pretty special too.

    1. So glad you liked my recommendations! Hopefully you’ll get to try them out one day!

  7. I love love love Maui and just now I see that there’s still sooo much I need and want to experience! Especially all the outdoors activities. Such a great list <3

  8. The island is always on my list but it is just too far from Europe. I also have less knowledge about it but now I learned some from you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, it is quite far. If you want more knowledge about it, do a little perusing around this blog! There’s a ton of Hawaii content to expand your knowledge of the islands :).

  9. It’s so timely that I read your post, I’m planning a trip to Maui right now for the summer! I would have loved to see the 7 sacred pools but you mention that rental car companies do not allow you to go further up there, any suggestions on how else to see it?

    1. That’s perfect! You could take a tour of the road to Hana. Or you could call around to a bunch of the car rental companies and see which ones will allow you to go to Oheo Gulch (although most major ones will not allow you to do so). If I’m being honest, most people that go to Oheo Gulch simply violate their rental car agreements…

  10. The road to Hana was one my most memorable experiences in Maui. However, you guide shows there is so much more to do. Catching the sunrise, biking sound like fun. The pineapple wine sounds really intriguing. It’s been years since that trip and it sounds like time to go back 🙂 Cheers.

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