20 Best Gifts from Hawaii (That You Can Buy Online!)

Are you looking for the best gifts from Hawaii (that you can buy online)? This guide from a Hawaii local has all of the best recommendations!

Gifts from Hawaii Opener Vintage Posters

The holiday season is around the corner, and I’ll be spending it in my lovely sunny Hawaiian home. Unfortunately for many other Hawaii-enthusiasts across the globe, Hawaii won’t be on their holiday itinerary. Instead, give them a little piece of the islands with these incredible gifts from Hawaii that you can buy online.

Best Gifts from Hawaii for the Home

Hawaii Vintage Poster

If I were to give a gift from Hawaii to one of my friends from the mainland, odds are I would go for a Hawaii vintage poster (as pictured at the top of the article). They’re not absurdly expensive, they show case a small part of local culture, and they have that vintage aesthetic that people are all about these days.

My favorites are the ones pictured above, which are by local artist, Nick Kuchar. Amazon surprisingly has quite a good selection in comparison to the other sites I looked at, but this surfing one and this Hawaii Volcanoes National Park one were two of my favorites.

Artwork by a Hawaii Artist

Hawaii’s artists manage to magically capture the beauty of the islands and put it on canvas (or paper or wood or whatever medium they choose to use). Even when you’re not in Hawaii, the work of these Hawaii artists can bring a little piece of the islands to you!

pop-art style painting of beach house and ocean by Heather Brown
Photo Courtesy of Heather Brown

Heather Brown

If you’re looking for that casual, surf artwork, look no further than Heather Brown! Heather is known as the “godmother of modern surf art,” and she makes beautiful ocean pieces using an almost pop-art-like, color-blocking style. It’s the perfect gift from Hawaii – for others or even for yourself!

Lauren Roth

Lauren Roth designs pieces that are bright and inviting. The only way to achieve her colorful displays of Hawaiian floral and plant life is through a unique combination of watercolor, acrylic, ink, and paint markers. Lauren’s talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has worked with Hawaii Magazine, Nautica, and Jake Shimabukuro.

While you can of course by Lauren’s wonderful paintings on her website, you can also purchase hats, bags, stationery, and even eco-friendly wrapping paper that you can use to wrap your lovely gifts from Hawaii.

Use the code “BORDERS5” on this Lauren Roth Art website for 5% off your order!

hibiscus painting by Karen Whitworth gifts from Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Karen Whitworth

Karen Whitworth

Through a combination of saturated colors and glimmering light, Karen Whitworth’s pieces are truly something special. Using her paints, brushes, and generous talents, Karen captures a glimpse of the beauty of Hawaii.

Pidgin to Da Max

Know someone who’s obsessed with Hawaii’s local dialect called pidgin? Get them this book called Pidgin to Da Max! It’s basically a humor-filled dictionary of pidgin words with comic book-like illustrations. It had quite a few good laughs as I flipped through it.

passion fruit sticker design jord
Photo Courtesy of Design Jord

Design Jord

I recently discovered Design Jord, and I knew that I had to add it to this list. This local artist created loads of Hawaii-themed stickers and stationery, which make incredible little gifts and stocking stuffers. Most of the adorable stickers focus on food, plants, or “aloha ‘aina” (take care of the land). There’s even an adorable boba sticker!

Southern Aloha Charm

Run by a girl from the South who moved to Kailua, Hawaii, Southern Aloha Charm makes the most of the gifts from the ocean. Using driftwood as her canvas and the ocean as her inspiration, Southern Aloha Charm’s pieces are fantastic if you’re looking to add some beach-y vibes to your home.

*Note: the selection at Southern Aloha Charm changes frequently, so if you see a piece you like, snatch it before it’s gone! And if there’s nothing that speaks to you at the moment, just check back again in a couple of weeks!

Best Gifts from Hawaii for Foodies

two bottles of adoboloco hot sauce best gifts from Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Adoboloco

Adoboloco Hot Sauce

Adoboloco is a Hawaii hot sauce company that has made it to the big leagues. When production started in 2011, I remember seeing Adoboloco’s hot sauces pop up in local grocery stores. I tried it, and the spicy yet flavorful sauce was absolutely fantastic.

Then, all of a sudden, I saw Adoboloco’s sauces on arguably the most famous hot sauce platform of all-time: the hot wing-eating celebrity interview show, Hot Ones. I feel like that’s when this Maui hot sauce company must’ve really known that they made it.

Today, Adoboloco has a dozen different hot sauce varieties, ranging from very mild to 3xVeryHot. Try the fruity Island Wings, the smoky Hamajang, or the tastebud-burning Fiya! Fiya! And if there are just too many hot sauces that catch your eye, build your own Primo 3-pack for a discounted deal.

Gifts from Hawaii Li Hing Mui Powder

Li Hing Mui Powder

Remember that sweet, sour, and spicy powder that I brought up in Part 1 of the Hawaii Food Bucket List? Li hing mui powder? Well guess what? You can buy it online and sprinkle it on your ice cream, fresh fruit, dried fruit, or whatever you feel like experimenting on at home.

Gifts from Hawaii Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee

Many people nowadays claim to be coffee connoisseurs so perhaps a bag or two of Kona coffee would be the perfect gift from Hawaii. Kauai coffee and Waialua coffee are both great local alternatives as well. And if you’ve already tried all of those, here are a few more Hawaii coffee companies that are worth your time.

Ohia lehua honey from Big Island Bees with plant-filled background gifts from Hawaii

Honey from Big Island Bees

One of my favorite treats that you can only get in Hawaii is honey from Big Island Bees. The bees at Big Island Bees harvest their pollen from rare flowers native to Hawaii. (As a matter of fact, many of these flowers are only found in Hawaii. The honey from the extremely rare Ohia Lehua blossom is my favorite!

Best Gifts from Hawaii for Fashionistas

woman lounging in teal swimsuit Sundaze Bikinis best gifts from Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Sundaze Bikinis

Sundaze Bikinis Swimwear

Sundaze Bikinis is my favorite Hawaii swimwear brand, because it makes great bikinis while still helping the environment. This sustainable Hawaii business transforms ocean plastics and fish nets into stunning, functional swimwear pieces. In other words, they’ve found a way to take something that is harming the environment and turn it into a product that can be used to enjoy that environment! Pretty amazing, right?

Use the code BORDERS15 on the Sundaze Bikinis website to get 15% off your order!

If you can’t find a good fit from Sundaze Bikinis in particular, there are loads of other Hawaii swimwear companies for you to check out.

And if you’re looking for other potential gifts in the beachy vein, check out my lists of the best gifts for beach lovers and the best gifts for paddleboarders.

Surfing-Inspired Jewelry

The jump from Hawaii gifts to surfing gifts is definitely not a far one, especially when the product is co-made by a local award-winning surfer. The local company Junxjo teamed up with a New York skateboarding brand to create a surfing-inspired piece of jewelry They ended up coming up with a minimalistic surfboard fin necklace.

Gifts from Hawaii Oahu Necklace
Photo Courtesy of McLaughlin Creations on Etsy

Island-Inspired Jewelry

Earlier this year, the company Imi Jewelry launched an island pride collection. These solid 14 karat gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are in the shape of one of the four main Hawaiian Islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. But snatch ‘em up quickly, because these sell out fast!

If that’s much too far out of your budget, the McLaughlinCreations store on Etsy has island necklaces in silver for a much cheaper price.

And if you want other island-inspired jewelry options, this list of the best Hawaiian jewelry pieces should help.

shell and shark teeth necklaces from Rise Jewelry gifts from Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Rise Jewelry

Beach-Inspired Jewelry

The last jewelry gift I’m going to put on this list is the beach-inspired jewelry from Rise Jewelry. Rise Jewelry highlights the natural beauty of these ocean by turning treasures like shells, sea glass, and shark teeth and turning them into stunning rings, necklaces, earrings, and more!

Use the code BORDERS15 on the Rise Jewelry website for 15% off your order!

Gifts from Hawaii AshleyRose Clothing Baby Romper
Photo Courtesy of AshleyRose Clothing

Children’s Aloha Wear

Do you have a little Hawaii fan? The local brand AshleyRose Clothing makes little Hawaiian print dresses (which we in Hawaii call “aloha wear”) for babies and toddlers! How cute is that?

“I don’t need therapy. I just need to go to Hawaii” T-Shirt

This plain black, yet humorous t-shirt that says “I don’t need therapy. I just need to go to Hawaii” caught my eye as I was scrolling through the Hawaii t-shirts on Amazon. It could be perfect for someone on your Christmas list.

“Aloha” T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a Hawaii t-shirt that’s a little less humor and a little more aesthetic, check out this “Aloha” t-shirt has Hawaiian hula vintage vibe. Both of these shirts would make great gifts from Hawaii.

Gifts from Hawaii Rix Islandwear
Photo Courtesy of Rix Island Wear

Rix Island Wear

Many tourists to Hawaii buy gaudy, bright aloha shirts (what visitors call “Hawaiian shirts”). If you’re looking for a classier aloha shirt, Rix Island Wear is the place to get it. Personally, the Halau and Kupu collections are my favorite, but there are several other options if those aren’t up your alley.

Red Dirt Shirt

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you know that Hawaii has some bright red, iron-filled dirt that stains just about everything that it comes in contact with. Well, some Hawaii locals have found a way to turn this into a positive thing, by purposefully dying shirts to become the red dirt color. And voila! The Red Dirt Shirt was created. That’d be quite an original gift from Hawaii to give!

*Note: the red dirt shirt website is quite difficult to navigate. To get to the products, you have to click on the location (any location, but it’ll change the products you’ll have access to) and then the location image that pops up. On the bright side though, they do offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Best Gifts from Hawaii for Travelers

Hawaii Guide Book

Because Hawaii is quite expensive to visit, there are many people who hope to visit the islands someday in the future. Until then, why not give them the Lonely Planet Oahu guidebook? Then they’ll be all prepared with their must-sees and must-dos when they finally make it to the islands, making it one of the perfect gifts from Hawaii.

Hawaii Patch

If you have a couple of frequent traveler or backpacker friends on your list, a Hawaii patch could be perfect for them. They will be able to sew or iron on the Hawaii patch that you give to them alongside the others that they’ve been collecting.

While Amazon does have some that catch my eye, my personal favorite is from Vagabond Heart Co. (I actually bought their Hawaii patch for one of my friends in the past!)

If loads of these Hawaii gifts caught your eye and you just can’t choose, don’t worry! You can opt to get a Hawaii gift basket instead, which is filled with a bunch of wonderful Hawaii goodies.

So which of these gifts from Hawaii would you like to get? Or is there something else that isn’t on this list? Write them below in the comments!

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  2. This has made me miss Hawaii so much!! I’m a big fan of vintage posters (there are some great ones!) and I love that necklace as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  3. Haha Hawaiian t-shirts are the way to go! Love this, I visited once and would welcome a little piece of paradise to carry around with me 🙂

  4. I’m all about those vintage prints! Such a good find. My dad is heading to Honolulu next year for work, so I might just drop him this link as a subtle hint! Strange, but I had never thought that a Hawaiian shirt would make for a good souvenir. I love the print on the shirt pictured—lovely vintage vibe and definitely a lot classier than some Hawaiian shirts I’ve seen lately!

    1. Oh yeah for sure! I feel like Hawaiian shirts that are marketed to tourists are so loud and bright. The ones that locals actually use are so much better!

  5. I love souvenirs, so it was really fun to read this post! Honestly, my favorite thing about this roundup is that 90% of the things are unique and I’ve never heard of them before… Very cool!

  6. I don’t know anyone who has been to Hawaii and hasn’t loved it! Every time I go to Kona, I always bring back coffee to give as gifts. Some how I never thought of buying it online? Great suggestion.

  7. I am totally in love with the jewelry and the vintage posters! Thats so cool that you can get them online! we usually pack light so its cool that you can buy it when you get home!

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