22 Amazing Hawaiian Home Decor Items to Bring Paradise to You

horizontal ocean resin piece by Sarah Caudle Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Sarah Caudle Art

Are you looking to add some Hawaiian home decor to your house? Then look no further! This guide has tons of amazing Hawaiian home decor items to add some island vibes to your interior design.

When sprucing up your home, you have a lot of different options. You can go for big pieces like artwork or blankets. Or you can go for smaller pieces, like coasters and pens. Regardless of what you choose, these items can bring a little bit of life back into your home. And when these little touches are Hawaii-themed, these Hawaiian home decor items bring a little slice of paradise to you.

Hawaiian Home Decor Items for Your Walls

Sarah Caudle resin piece with ocean and four turtles
Photo Courtesy of Sarah Caudle Art

Hawaii Ocean Artwork from Sarah Caudle

There are so many talented Hawaii artists, who make beautiful pieces that deserve to be hung proudly in homes around the world. One of these artists is Sarah Caudle, who creates beautiful shining ocean scenes out of resin. When you glimpse one of her pieces, it’s almost as if you’ve been transported to the sunny shores of Hawaii.

Use the code Borders&BucketLists10 for 10% off your purchase on the Sarah Caudle Art website.

painting of beach house and beach shoreline by surf artist, Heather Brown
Photo Courtesy of Heather Brown

Hawaii Surf Artwork from Heather Brown

Heather Brown may be one of the most recognizable Hawaii artists of today. Known as the “godmother of modern surf art,” Heather’s artwork focuses around Hawaii’s waves and oceans. Instead of taking a realistic approach, Heather uses an almost pop-art-like, color-blocking method to make her pieces stand out from the crowd.

In other words, Heather’s work is the perfect thing to put on your walls if you want your home to have that casual Hawaii surf vibe.

colorful hibiscus painting by Karen Whitworth Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Karen Whitworth

Hawaii Flower and Landscape Artwork from Karen Whitworth

Another artist that manages to capture the beauty of Hawaii is Karen Whitworth. This talented artist uses bright colors and brilliant light to depict the flowers, landscapes, and animals of the islands. Her pieces are sure to bring fun, colorful energy into any homes that they grace.

three vintage-style Hawaii posters created by Nick Kuchar
Photo Courtesy of Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.

Vintage Posters from Nick Kuchar

Many people prefer vintage posters to fine art, and Nick Kuchar creates some of the coolest Hawaii vintage posters around. His colorful, geometric style easily draws viewers’ eyes to the beautiful island scene, making him one of the most well-known contemporary artists in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Home Decor Items for Your Kitchen

nine dishes covered in various prints of Meli Wraps Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Meli Wraps

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps from Meli Wraps

Meli Wraps is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap made of beeswax, organic cotton, tree resin and plant oils.Use Meli Wraps to wrap up any extra bit of food that doesn’t fit into a resuable container.

This sustainable Hawaii business manages to play its role in keeping plastic out of our oceans. And they come in fun, eye-catching patterns like vibrant papayas and adorable pineapples.

mug, cup, and plate with bird of paradise theme Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Lauren Roth Art

Dishes from Lauren Roth Art

Can you imagine having Hawaiian-inspired dishes in your home? Every time you sit down for a meal, you’ll remember all of the wonderful memories of your Hawaiian vacation. It honestly sounds like a dream!

Luckily for you, Lauren Roth Art recently released several island-inspired plateware collections, including ones that are hibiscus-themed, bird of paradise-themed, and monstera-themed. Snatch up a set to add some tropical vibes to your home!

Use the code BORDERS5 for 5% off your purchase on this Lauren Roth Art website.

two spatulas with cute sayings resting on a wooden cutting board Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Workshop 28

Spatulas from Workshop 28 

The spatulas from Workshop 28 are absolutely adorable! With fun says and a variety of color options, you’ll be sure to find an option that you like. My favorite saying that they have engraved on the spatula’s wooden handle is, “Ohana first. Aloha always.”

pile of dark wooden cutting boards with various Hawaii-themed prints and sayings
Photo Courtesy of Workshop 28

Cutting Boards from Workshop 28

One of the cutest Hawaiian home decor items that Workshop 28 has are the cutting boards! But there’s a little bit of a different process to purchase these cutting boards. Unlike the spatulas, which you can just head to the Workshop 28 website and buy, you have to head to the Workshop 28 speed sales Instagram page. There, you can get your hands-on wooden cutting boards adorned with cute pineapples or that say “serve with aloha!”

set of cork coasters with Hawaii-themed sayings and art
Photo Courtesy of Workshop 28

Coasters from Workshop 28

In addition to spatulates and cutting boards, Workshop 28 also has Hawaii-themed cork coasters. While you can easily buy these coasters from the Workshop 28 website, they’re often offered as part of a set on the Workshop 28 speed sales Instagram page mentioned above.

four coasters with gold imprints of Hawaiian islands with accompanying plant Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Locali Creative

Island Coasters from Locali Creative 

If you’re looking for coasters that’ll last a little longer than the cork ones from Workshop 28, consider the concrete and resin island coasters from Locali Creative. Each of these coasters are decorated with a golden silhouette of the four main Hawaiian Islands: the Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. These little pieces of modern Hawaiian home decor will certainly stand out in the best way possible.

Aloha Kitchen by Alana Kysar

Now that your kitchen has been stocked with all of the coolest Hawaiian home decor items, you’re all set to make some great dishes from Hawaii! Aloha Kitchen by Alana Kysar has some of the best recipes for Hawaii’s special fusion dishes, including poke, mochiko chicken, spam musubis, and many other delicious foods from the Hawaii food bucket list

Hawaiian Home Decor Items for Your Office

set of four notebooks on pale pink background
Photo Courtesy of Bradley & Lily

Stationery from Bradley & Lily

The touches of Hawaiian home decor don’t have to be limited to the fun parts of your home, like your walls and your kitchen. No, work and play can overlap a little bit. Add little bits of Hawaiian home decor, including some Bradley & Lily stationery, to your office as well!

The notebooks from Bradley & Lily are both eye-catching and effective. If you’re looking to just jot down ideas, consider purchasing one of the mini notebooks. If you’d like to have a notebook for more official notetaking, consider buying a spiral bound notebook instead. All of the Bradley & Lily notebooks come with the option of blank paper, lined paper, or graph paper.

two bronze octopi bookends holding up 20,000 Leagues under the Sea book Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Home Depot

Ocean-Inspired Bookends from Home Depot

Almost every office has at least a few books in it. Sometimes they’re perched on a bookshelf, sometimes on a lone shelf, or sometimes on the edge of a desk. Regardless of where, the books often seem tempted to topple over. To prevent that, why not purchase some bookends? And to keep with the Hawaii theme, get something ocean-inspired.

Surprisingly, Home Depot has a wide array of bookends (and other home decor items — who knew?), including a few beachy ones. My personal favorites are these white coral bookends and these bronze octopi bookends.

Coincidentally, these bookends would also make fantastic gifts for beach lovers.

Koa Wood Pen from Martin & MacArthur

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could buy a koa wood pen for your office from Martin & MacArthur. Koa wood is a rare wood that can only be found in Hawaii. Its warm, golden color is unlike any other wood out there, which makes it very sought after.

Now, it’s important to note that these koa wood pens don’t come cheap. At $59 to $195 a piece, these fancy pens are quite a bit more expensive than your average writing utensil.

Hawaiian Home Decor Items for Your Bedroom

pillow with watercolor-like design with green leaves and purple pineapples
Photo Courtesy of Lauren Roth Art

Pillows from Lauren Roth Art

What is a little bit of home decor without adding a few pillows to the mix? Lauren Roth Art has a few different pillow designs on her site, including bright rainbows, leafy Hawaiian plants, and blue surfboards. Which one of these comfy pillows match the vibe you’re going for?

Use the code BORDERS5 for 5% off your purchase on this Lauren Roth Art website.

folded plumeria blanket Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Coco Moon Hawaii

Throw Blanket from Coco Moon Hawaii

Coco Moon Hawaii is known for its soft blankets and clothing – but it’s usually marketed towards infants. But not too long ago, Coco Moon Hawaii found out that the parents were borrowing their babies’ blankets, because they were just SO soft! So Coco Moon Hawaii decided to add a few, cloud-soft throw blankets for adults to their collection.

Do know that these adult throw blankets from Coco Moon Hawaii run out quickly! So if they’re in stock, be sure to snatch them up before they’re gone again!

Comforter from Walmart and Amazon

One of the largest, most eye-catching pieces of home decor is a comforter. While it can be difficult to find a comforter that you love, once you find one, it’ll put a smile on your face every day. Perhaps this palm tree comforter from Walmart is for you. Or maybe this bold hibiscus comforter from Amazon is more up your alley.

woman hand stitching green design onto quilt Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Hawaiian Quilt Collection

Traditional Hawaiian Quilt from Hawaiian Quilt Collection

The vast majority of the Hawaiian home decor items on this list are modern Hawaiian home decor. True native Hawaiians in the past did not use reusable bees wax food wraps or island-themed book ends. They did, however, use a variation of the traditional Hawaiian quilt.

Back when the islands remained untouched by European travelers, the native Hawaiians made fabric called kapa for their formal clothes and bedding. This fabric was made of pounded tree bark that was then dyed using natural materials.

When the missionaries eventually found their way to Hawaii, they showed the native Hawaiians how to make quilts. However, the process didn’t make much sense to the native Hawaiians, so they combined the traditional kapa-making process with the missionaries’ quilt-making process to create what is now recognized as the traditional Hawaiian quilt.

There are only a handful of places to buy traditional Hawaiian quilts nowadays, and most have to be custom-made. If you would like to purchase a custom traditional Hawaiian quilt, check out the Hawaiian Quilt Collection.

Hawaiian Home Decor Items for Your Bathroom

three candles accompanied by purple flower
Photo Courtesy of North Shore Candle Company

Candles from North Shore Candle Company

So far on this list of Hawaiian home decor items, we’ve included things that will make your house look and feel like Hawaii. But now we’re adding something that’ll make your house smell like Hawaii too: candles!

The candles from the North Shore Candle Company all come in lovely, fragrant scents, including fresh plumeria, Kona coffee, Hawaiian pikake (jasmine), and passion fruit and guava. As an added bonus, these 100% soy candles are packaged in repurposed glass bottles.

Plumeria soap decorated with plumeria flowers Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Hawaiian Bath and Body

Soap from Hawaiian Bath and Body

Another way to add a bit more of Hawaii’s essence into your home is through a few bars of scented soap from Hawaiian Bath and Body.

Handcrafted in Hawaii, these soaps come in a variety of Hawaii-inspired fragrances, including Hawaiian plumeria, Hawaii mango, coconut cream, and Hawaiian coffee. There’s even a set of soaps inspired by three of the best beaches on the North Shore of Oahu.

tissue box covered in warm hibiscus pattern Hawaiian home decor
Photo Courtesy of Jana Lam

Tissue Box Cover from Jana Lam 

If you’re looking for just a little touch of Hawaii to add to your bathroom, consider a tissue box cover from Jana Lam. Now, instead of just having one or two tissue boxes with fun prints, every tissue box will be able to add a small burst of color, fun, and Hawaiian vibes to your day.

Bathmat from Etsy

Another little touch of Hawaiian home decor that you can add to your bathroom is a bathmat. This golden palm tree bathmat from Etsy isn’t too over the top, so if it matches your décor, it could be a nice addition to your home.

Do you know of any other Hawaiian home decor items or companies that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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*Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Sarah Caudle Art. All opinions are from Borders & Bucket Lists.

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