15 Best Hawaii Gift Baskets for You to Give

Are you looking for the best Hawaii gift baskets? This guide from a Hawaii local has all of the best options!

Hawaii gift basket with Hawaii soap, postcards, noodles, and more from Sam's Gift Boxes
Photo Courtesy of Sam’s Gift Boxes

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start looking for gifts for the loved ones on your Christmas list! And these Hawaii gift baskets are the perfect present for anyone who loves the Hawaiian Islands.

With Hawaii snack gift baskets, spa gift baskets, beach-inspired gift baskets, and more, this list has something for every island lover you know!

The Best Overall Hawaii Gift Baskets

bright orange mana up Hawaii box with snacks, tea, honey, and beauty products
Photo Courtesy of Mana Up Hawaii

Mana Up Hawaii

Mana Up Hawaii is arguably one of the most well-known Hawaii gift basket companies. This company is committed to filling its boxes with the best locally made goods. And if you have other preferences – such as sustainable items or ones from women-owned businesses – Mana Up Hawaii makes it easy for you to buy products that fit those requests.

There are a couple of ways to choose a Mana Up Hawaii gift box. First, you can sign up for a Mana Up subscription box. Every month, a new box of Hawaiian goodies will show up at your door! How exciting!

But if you want a little more control over your order, you can create your own gift box instead. You can add whatever Hawaii-made products you can find on the Mana Up site to your customized gift box. This includes everything from food to bath products to books.

Hawaii gift boxes with Hawaii stickers, spreads, postcards, coffee, and spices from Sam's Gift Boxes
Photo Courtesy of Sam’s Gift Boxes

Sam’s Gift Boxes

One of the coolest things about Hawaii gift baskets is that they support small Hawaii businesses. And when you purchase your gift basket from Sam’s Gift Boxes in particular, you’ll get to support another small business!

Sam’s Gift Boxes specializes in gift boxes filled with Kauai-made goodies. Depending on your requests, Sam will pack your gift box with everything from Kauai Coffee to Koco Soap Co. products to Left Right Design stickers.

Contents of whale themed Hawaii gift baskets from The Hawaiian Box
Photo Courtesy of The Hawaiian Box

The Hawaiian Box

When you purchase Hawaiian gift baskets from The Hawaiian Box, you end up spreading quite a bit of good in the world. First, you’ll support loads of small, Kauai-based businesses. Second, part of the profit is donated to save Hawaii’s ecosystems. And third, the gift box receiver will be touched by your thoughtfulness. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

The Hawaiian Box works a little bit differently from the rest of the Hawaii gift baskets on this list. Every subscription box from The Hawaiian Box has a different theme, whether its whales, turtles, or pineapples. Simply put, it’ll be a fun surprise when it gets to your door!

sustainble Hawaii gift basket with a bamboo tooth brush, reusable floss, reusable makeup pads from Protea Zero Waste
Photo Courtesy of Protea Zero Waste

Protea Zero Waste

If you’re looking for a sustainability focused gift box, the options from Protea Zero Waste will not disappoint! And many of the products in these kits are locally made in Hawaii!

Protea Zero Waste offers five different sustainability gift baskets. If you’re looking for one for someone new to the eco-friendly sphere, the zero-waste starter kit is perfect. If that seems a little too overwhelming, there’s also a miniature version.

The remaining three sustainability kits revolve around one specific part of life. There’s one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom, and one for when you’re on the go! Pick whichever options works best for your needs.

The Best Hawaii Snack Gift Baskets

smoked and dried seafood box from Snack Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Snack Hawaii

Snack Hawaii

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of Hawaii is the food scene. The blend of many different cultures creates a cuisine unlike any other. After all, that’s why I’ve written so many Hawaii food articles – including the ever-popular Hawaii food bucket list.

With all of that said, it only makes sense to include quite a few of Hawaii snack gift baskets on this list. First up is Snack Hawaii.

Snack Hawaii has loads of gift boxes that are overflowing with the best local snacks. Get everything from li hing mui gummies to dried seafood (like octopus and cuttlefish) to tropical fruit jams. When snacking on these delicious treats, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to the sunny shores of Hawaii.

tea, pancake mix, jelly, coffee, and more from Tastes of Aloha
Photo Courtesy of Tastes of Aloha

Tastes of Aloha

If you want more substantial foods in your Hawaii snack gift baskets, check out the options from Tastes of Aloha!

Some of the Hawaii gift baskets from Tastes of Aloha can actually cover an entire meal, like the Island Breakfast Gift Box. With Kona coffee, coconut pancake mix, coconut syrup, and Anahola granola, it’s the perfect way to start the day.

But this breakfast box certainly isn’t the only Hawaii gift basket from Tastes of Aloha. The Lilikoi Delights Gift Box includes all-things passion fruit, the Hawaiian Kitchen Gift Box is perfect for making island-inspired meals, the Hot & Spicy Hawaiian Gift Box is packed with flavor, and the Hawaiian Cocktail Gift Box is fantastic for a fun night in.

Honey-themed Hawaii gift basket with honey soap, honey tart, honey-roasted coffee, and honey
Photo Courtesy of Big Island Bees

Hawaiian Honeybee Deluxe Holiday Box from Big Island Bees

Big Island Bees is undoubtedly one of the best honey companies in Hawaii, which means that it’s Hawaiian Honeybee Deluxe Holiday Box is quite a treat!

This Hawaii gift basket comes with all sorts of honey-inspired goodies. It has honey-roasted Kona coffee, honey caramel macadamia nut tart, a bar of honey soap, and so much more! To top it all off, it even includes 47-ounce jar of Big Island Bees’ awesome ohia lehua honey. Simply put, this Hawaii gift basket is at the top of my list.

gift box with Kauai coffee and Kauai coffee cup
Photo Courtesy of Kauai Coffee

Kauai Coffee

No list of Hawaii gift baskets would be complete without at least one coffee-inspired gift box! Luckily, Kauai Coffee has quite a few gift sets that are worth your time.

While you can get bundles of just coffee, my favorite gift sets are the ones with other coffee-inspired paraphernalia as well. The chillaxin’ gift box comes with a Kauai Coffee hat, the sweetheart gift box comes with coconut macadamia nut biscotti, and the Kauai Coffee tribal box comes with a stainless steel thermos.

The Best Hawaiian Spa Gift Baskets

Mango nectar jet set gift set from Malie Organics
Photo Courtesy of Malie Organics

Malie Organics

Many of the best Hawaii spa gift baskets come from Malie Organics. This organic, natural, and cruelty-free brand is one of the best bath product companies in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, Malie Organics’ products are provided in many of the most luxurious hotels in the Hawaiian Islands.

Malie Organics has loads of gift sets for you to choose from. For the most part these sets are organized by scent. My favorites are the mango nectar jet set gift set, the coconut vanilla beauty bag, and the plumeria luxe spa box. Each of these sets includes many of Malie Organics best-selling products, including body cream, beauty oil, and luxe cream soap.

Hawaii spa gift basket from Ao Organics
Photo Courtesy of Ao Organics

Ao Travel Essentials Gift Set from Ao Organics

While Malie Organics has several different Hawaii spa gift baskets, Ao Organics has just one, and it’s fantastic.

The Ao Travel Essentials Gift Set includes everything you need to take care of your skin. From the olena and honey gel cleanser to the ili hydration moisturizer to the reusable bamboo cotton pads, this Hawaii gift basket is the perfect way to pamper yourself or someone else.

The Best Hawaii Gift Baskets for Beach Lovers

Beach-themed gift basked with towel, sunscreen, water, and more from Maui's Finest Gifts
Photo Courtesy of Maui’s Finest Gifts

Beach Lovers Gift Basket from Maui’s Finest Gifts

Most people who love Hawaii also love the beach. After all, they sort of go hand in hand. So one of the best types of Hawaii gift baskets to give is a beach-themed one! And this Beach Lovers Gift Basket from Maui’s Finest Gifts definitely fits the bill.

This Beach Lovers Gift Basket includes all of the beach essentials. With a beach bag, a beach blanket, a hydroflask, reef-safe sunscreen, and more, all you’ll have to remember to add to your beach packing list is your swimsuit! (If you need some recommendations for that, I’ve also written up an article on the best Hawaii swimwear brands.)

Use the code BUCKETLIST on any order over $100 on the Maui’s Finest Gifts website to receive $10 off.

bottle of kokua sun care sunscreen on the beach
Photo Courtesy of Kokua Sun Care

Kokua Gift Pack from Kokua Sun Care

One of the most important things to bring to the beach is sunscreen. So one of the best Hawaii gift baskets to give to a beach lover is one filled with sunscreen and other skincare products. The Kokua Gift Pack from Kokua Sun Care does just that.

This amazing gift basket includes two bottles of Kokua Sun Care’s fantastic reef-safe sunscreen, a few sample sunscreen packets, a sun healing serum, and even a natural sunscreen removal sponge!

collection of beach-themed items from Beachly
Photo Courtesy of Beachly


Beachly is one of the coolest gift baskets out there for beach lovers. This subscription box sends some of the most amazing beach-themed items to your door! While these items aren’t necessarily made in Hawaii, many of them are.

When purchasing a Beachly subscription box, you can choose if you want your box focused on women’s products, men’s products, or beauty products. Depending on which box you choose, you’ll get loads of beach-inspired goodies, including ocean-inspired jewelry, beach towels, skin care products, candles, and more.

To make your purchase even sweeter, a part of the profit from your Beachly box goes to preserve the beaches and oceans that we love. Beachly has partnered with SeaTrees to help the Southern California kelp forests thrive.

The Best Hawaii Gift Baskets with a Little Bit of Everything

set of chocolate boxes from Hawaiian Host and ABC Stores
Photo Courtesy of ABC Stores

Aloha Gift Boxes from the ABC Stores

Sometimes these Hawaii gift baskets and boxes don’t have a theme other than “Hawaii.” But these boxes still deserve a spot on this list! One example of this is the Aloha Gift Boxes from the ABC Stores.

These Aloha Gift Boxes are packed to the brim with delicious island treats, like chocolate, cookies, and coffee. But if you want a little bit of everything, I’d recommend splurging on the Hawaiian Gourmet Basket. This basket has all of the Hawaiian sweet treats you can dream of!

beach-themed Hawaii gift basket from Red Pineapple
Photo Courtesy of Red Pineapple

Red Pineapple

Red Pineapple specializes in creating Hawaii gift baskets. They have loads of ready-made gift baskets for you to pick from. There are options focused on pets, babies, coffee, breakfast, college, birthdays, and everything in between.

Even with all of those options, I would recommend making your own customized Red Pineapple gift basket. That way, you can add all of your favorite Hawaii treats and goodies!

Are there any other Hawaii gift baskets that you think belong on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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