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25 Best Hawaii Farms to Visit and Support

Looking for Hawaii farms to visit or support? Look no further! This guide from a Hawaii local has everything you need to know.

herbs on black wooden background Hawaii farms

Since the islands have such an ideal temperature, there are so many amazing Hawaii farms that deserve your support. While some give fantastic farms tours, other Hawaii farms provide the freshest fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and dairy products. Basically, you can get just about any product you want from one of Hawaii’s farms.

The Best Oahu Farms

pile of okra Hawaii farms

Kahumana Farms

Situated in Waianae, Kahumana Farms is a great go-to farm for those on the West side of Oahu. This Hawaii farm provides customers with amazing fresh finds, including apple bananas, papayas, green onions, squash, coconut, and so much more.

Kahumana Farms becomes even more amazing when you find out about their mission to help those transitioning from homelessness, those with disabilities, and other groups who may need a little extra support.

Farm Tours: Kahumana Farms offers two different tours: the farm-to-table tour ($75 per adult, $50 per child) and the farm tour ($40 per adult, $15 per child). Both include a tour of this amazing farm, and the farm to table tour includes an additional three-course, farm-to-table meal.

CSA Program: Yes, Kahumana Farms does have a CSA program! There are two main options: the fresh harvest box, which includes fruits and vegetables, or the fruit box, which includes a bunch of amazing local fruits. After choosing whether you want your delicious box of fresh produce to be weekly or bi-weekly, you can pick up your box from the farm or have it delivered closer to home for an additional fee.

In addition to its CSA program, Kahumana Farms is also offering nutritious takeout from their farm-to-table café.

Ma‘o Organic Farms

Ma‘o Organic Farms is also located in Waianae, and this Hawaii farm produces just about every fruit and vegetable that you can think of. Radishes, kale, carrots, cilantro – they’re stocked up on all of them! And just like their neighbor, Kahumana Farms, Ma‘o Organic Farms is committed to helping both the land and the community. 

Farm Tours: Ma‘o Organic Farms does not have farm tours.

CSA Program: Yes, Ma‘o Organic Farms does have a CSA program! You can get a box stocked with some of the freshest fruits and vegetables delivered to a pick-up site close to you. Do know that you have to commit to a minimum of eight subscription boxes (so eight weeks or sixteen weeks) when you sign up.

pile of round purple and white eggplant

Ho Farms

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Ho Farms has been delivering some of the freshest fruit on the island for year. Stock up on your baby bok choy, butternut squash, Hawaiian chili peppers, eggplant, okra, and so much more at this Hawaii farm!

Farm Tours: Ho Farms does not have farm tours.

CSA Program: Yes, Ho Farms does have a CSA program! Select any amount or combination of produce items from Ho Farms and have it delivered to a nearby pick-up location.

Tropical Farms of Hawaii

If you’re a visitor to the Hawaiian Islands, there’s a good chance that you aren’t looking for a Hawaii farm with a CSA program (although you should definitely take advantage of Hawaii’s fresh produce!), so perhaps Tropical Farms of Hawaii might be closer to what you’re looking for. This macadamia nut farm on the east side of Oahu allows visitors to learn about the macadamia nut harvesting process and even try a few!

Farm Tours: Tropical Farms of Hawaii offers an Ali‘i Tour ($20 per adult, $10 per child). 

CSA Program: Tropical Farms of Hawaii does not have a CSA program. However, you can purchase their signature macadamia nuts on their website.

Nalo Farms

If you’ve spent some time in the islands, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen “Nalo Greens” on a menu at an Oahu restaurant. Nalo Greens are actually a signature blend of leafy greens created by the team at Nalo Farms in Waimanalo.

Farm Tours: Nalo Farms does not have farm tours.

CSA Program: Yes, Nalo Farms does have a CSA program! This Hawaii farm has partnered with a handful of other Hawaii farms to create packed farmers’ market bags, which may include leafy greens, daikon (white radish), eggplant, papayas, and more!

kahuku farms açaí bowl with lilikoi butter and sliced bananas

Kahuku Farms

Time and time again, Kahuku Farms has found its way into my articles. Not only is it home to one of my favorite restaurants on the North Shore, but it is also home to one of my favorite restaurants on Oahu. And don’t forget to explore the fields and buy some fresh produce while you’re there.

Farm Tours: Kahuku Farms does offer a Grand Tour of its land ($32 per adult, $22 per child). This one-hour tour includes an engaging history of the farm as well as a fresh fruit tasting.

CSA Program: Kahuku farms does not have a CSA program. However, you can still purchase some of their long-lasting products, like lilikoi balsamic dressing and pineapple papaya spread, on their website.

The Best Maui Farms

papaya tree with green papayas

Hana Fresh

Hana Fresh is one of the most unique farms in Hawaii. It was actually started by the medical center, Hana Health, in order to promote community wellness. In other words, you can be sure that the produce you purchase from Hana Fresh will be safe and healthy! 

Farm Tours: Hana Fresh does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Hana Fresh does not have a CSA program, but you can visit their farm stand and have your order delivered to your car.

Ono Organic Farms

For nearly fifty years, the owners of Ono Organic Farms have been providing fresh produce to the residents of Maui and beyond. This Hawaii farm is as true to the land as it can be, with water from a well, power from the sun, and even compost from trash.

Farm Tours: Ono Organic Farms has actually been voted the best farm tour on Maui! Even acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay enjoyed this tour, as can be seen on Season 1 Episode 4 of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted.

CSA Program: Ono Organic Farms does have a CSA program. However, it is only for HUGE amounts of (20+ pounds) of fruit.

Oko‘a Farms

Situated in Kula, Oko‘a Farms sells a wide array of produce. Get everything from Hawaiian mountain apples to kholbrabi to every fresh herb that you can imagine.

Farm Tours: Oko‘a Farms does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Oko‘a Farms does have a CSA program! You can get fresh groceries delivered to your doorstep up to twice a week.

Hawaii pineapple fields with mountains in background

Maui Pineapple Tours

If Hawaii is known for one thing other than coffee, it’s pineapples. Maui Pineapple Tours takes guests on amazing tours of a functioning pineapple farm.

Farm Tours: The main farm tour at Maui Pineapple Tours is obviously the pineapple tour ($75 per adult, $65 per child), but you can also include add-ons for lunch (additional $25 per guest) or a distillery tour (additional $10 per guest).

CSA Program: While Maui Pineapple Tours does not have a CSA program, you can purchase a fresh Hawaiian pineapple and have it delivered right to your doorstep (although it is absurdly pricey).

Punakea Palms Coconut Farm

For visitors to Hawaii, the Punakea Palms Coconut Farm may be the Hawaii farm of choice. This fully-functioning coconut farm has hundreds of coconut trees, and you can learn everything about the coconut-producing process.

Farm Tours: Punakea Palms Coconut Farm does offer a farm tour ($49 per adult, $39 per child). You’ll learn about how to farm a coconut and how to open one (which is quite a difficult feat!). And, as expected, you’ll be able to sample some fresh coconut too. But be sure to book in advance, because they don’t accept walk-ins.

CSA Program: Punakea Palms Coconut Farm does not have a CSA program.

lavender plants with bees Hawaii farms

Ali‘i Kula Lavender

The Ali‘i Kula Lavender farm is far from your traditional farm, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included on this list of amazing Hawaii farms. This lavender-laden farm is one of the best things to do on Maui. It has so many wonderful things to do and treats to enjoy that it simply had to be shared.

Farm Tours: There are a few tours provided at Ali‘i Kula Lavender farm. There’s the daily walking tour ($12 per person), the guided cart tour ($25 per person), and the lavender treasure hunt (free). Do know that the tours often have discounts for kamaaina and military, as well as for booking in advance.

CSA Program: The Ali‘i Kula Lavender farm does not have a CSA program. However, you can purchase many items, including those for aromatherapy, cooking, and bath and body, from their online shop.

O‘o Farm

The O‘o Farm owners decided to start undertake this agricultural venture in 2000. They wanted to deliver a true farm-to-table experience. Today, they have fulfilled that goal, as O‘o Farm provides fresh produce to high-scale restaurants all around Maui, including Pacific’O, The Feast at Lele, and Aina Gourmet Market.

Farm Tours: O‘o Farm offers two types of tours: the coffee tour and the lunch tour. The coffee tour ($84 per adult, $37 per child) takes you on the journey of the coffee making process. The lunch tour ($84 per adult, $37 per child) includes a gourmet lunch and education on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

CSA Program: O‘o Farm does have a CSA Program, which they call “Harvest Boxes.” These harvest boxes are filled with the freshest, seasonal produce, and you can pick up them up in Lahaina or Kula.

The Best Big Island Farms

pile of carrots and beets

HIP Agriculture

HIP Agriculture is actually an education program to encourage people to practice conscious agriculture. This program also happens to provide delicious produce to its nearby community.

Farm Tours: HIP Agriculture offers three types of farm tours through Starseed Ranch. The first is a tropical food forest and plant medicine tour ($30 per person). The second is the same as first, but with a farm-to-table lunch ($50 per person). And the third option is the same as the first, but with a sunset dinner (pricing varies).

CSA Program: Yes, HIP Agriculture has a CSA program that requires a five-week commitment.

Keala‘ola Farm

If you’re looking for leafy greens on the Big Island, Keala‘ola Farm is the place to go! This certified organic farm in Kona is stocked up on Lacinato kale, curly kale, a few different types of lettuce, and arugula.

Farm Tours: Keala‘ola Farm does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Yes, Keala‘ola Farm does have a CSA program filled with all of its organic leafy greens.

Chad’s Organics

For those located in Hilo, Chad’s Organics is a great farm to source fresh produce from. This Hawaii farm grows everything from French green beans to kale to purple carrots.

Farm Tours: Chad’s Organics does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Yes, Chad’s Organics does have a CSA program. Do know that you will need to commit to four purchases (although they don’t need to happen all at the same time).

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut

The most popular macadamia nut company in Hawaii is Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts. Drive through three miles of macadamia nut trees, learn about the macadamia harvesting process, munch on some free samples, and perhaps even buy some to take home with you!

Farm Tours: The Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut factory does not offer farm tours. However, you can learn about the macadamia harvesting process at their visitor center.

CSA Program: Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut does not have a CSA program, but you can buy most of their products online on their website.

coffee cup surrounded by coffee beans

Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm

One of the best things to do in Kona is visit a Kona Coffee farm. While there are so many Kona Coffee farms to visit, the Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm has proven to be a customer favorite.

Farm Tours: The completely free tour at Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm teaches visitors about the coffee growing and roasting process. (And you can bring a tasty free cup of Kona coffee with you!)

CSA Program: The Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm does not have a CSA program, but you can still buy their delicious coffee on their website.

The Best Kauai Farms

rambutan fruit Hawaii farms

Kauai Kunana Dairy

Kauai Kunana Dairy is one of the only Hawaii farms on this list from which you can order more than just produce. You can also stock up on cheese, yogurt, eggs, and honey from this one source!

Farm Tours: Kauai Kunana Dairy does have a farm tour! Learn how the cheese is made from goat milk and even try a few samples.

CSA Program: Yes, Kauai Kunana Dairy does have a CSA program that has deliveries and pick-up twice a week. You can either select a produce box or select individual items.

Secret Beach Organics

Only some of the original Hawaii locals and visitors will remember that, once upon a time, there was a flourishing guava farm on Kauai. You could go up and pick as many guavas as you like. Now, guavas are a little harder to find, but you can find some at Secret Beach Organics.

Secret Beach Organics specializes in growing Hawaiian yellow ginger and turmeric, but they also grow a huge variety of locally grown exotic fruits, including star fruit, lychee, longan, abiu, rambutan, rollinia, both types of lilikoi (passion fruit), sapote, soursop, and so much more.

Farm Tours: Secret Beach Organics does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Secret Beach Organics does not offer a CSA program, but you can order fresh turmeric from their website and have it delivered right to your door.

hand holding Kauai Coffee cup Hawaii farms

Kauai Coffee Company

A visit to the Kauai Coffee Company is one of the best things to do on Kauai. While you can’t stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, you can definitely stock up on some of the finest coffee in the world.

Farm Tours: The Kauai Coffee Company offers three different types of tours: the farm tour ($60 per adult, $40 per child), coffee on the brain ($20 per person), and the complimentary walking tour. The farm tour takes guests all around the Kauai Coffee Estate while explaining the coffee growing process. The “coffee on the brain” tour allows guests to pick the brains of these coffee experts. Finally, the complimentary walking tour allows guests to follow a paved path and learn about the coffee making process for free.

The Kauai Coffee Company also has a free scavenger hunt available that’ll take you to some interesting spots around the island. If you finish, you can win a free bag of Kauai Coffee!

CSA Program: While the Kauai Coffee Company does not offer a CSA program, this Hawaii farm will ship Kauai-grown coffee straight to your doorstep when you order from their website.

The Best Lanai Farms

beets on picnic table

Kumu Ola Farm

Kumu Ola Farm is the only farm on the little island of Lanai. If you’re looking for some fresh vegetables (especially leafy greens), this Hawaii farm is perfect.

Farm Tours: Kumu Ola Farm does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Kumu Ola Farm does not have a CSA program. However, you can visit the farm on Mondays and Thursday to pick up some fresh produce.

The Best Molokai Farms

Kumu Farms

As one of the only farms on Molokai (if not the only farm), Kumu Farms is a gem. This USDA organic-certified farm grows only the best produce, including papayas, kale, corn, eggplants, bananas, fennel, and herbs. 

Farm Tours: Kumu Farms does not offer farm tours.

CSA Program: Yes, Kumu Farms does have a CSA program on both Molokai and Maui! As an alternative, you can also purchase fresh pineapples and papayas from their website.

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