The Best Burgers in Honolulu & Waikiki: 10 Unparalleled Burger Joints

Are you looking for the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki? This guide from a Hawaii local has all of the best burger recommendations in the city!

pair of toppings-laden burgers, complete with a beef patty, radish slices, guacamole, and an artisan bun. They're some of the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki!

In my opinion, it’s pretty easy to make a solid burger. Places like Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Banzai Burger, and Mahaloha Burger (especially with its fancy Big Island beef!) all do that. BUT it’s very hard to make a burger that’s so fantastic that it stands out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what these burgers do!

So after eating a delicious Waikiki brunch, plan for an equally tasty burger for lunch or dinner. Doesn’t that sound like an incredible day of Hawaii food?

Without further ado, here are the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki.

The Best Burgers in Honolulu & Waikiki

From casual smash burgers to fancy restaurants with just one burger on the menu, you can find the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki in some of the most unexpected spots.

Hand holding up a burger from Butcher & Bird with a thick patty, melty orange cheese, lettuce, and tomato. It's one of the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki for sure!
Photo Courtesy of Butcher & Bird

Butcher & Bird

Let’s start by saying that Butcher & Bird is primarily a butcher shop. This is where you go in Honolulu to get particular cuts of meat or the freshest protein around. But they also decided to do a little side expansion, where they serve up burgers (and brats).

Since Butcher & Bird is, first and foremost, a butcher, it should come as no surprise to find out that they use the freshest USDA prime beef around to make their patties. Go for a classic double cheeseburger or a slightly vamped up bacon double cheeseburger.

If you feel like being a little bit fancy, opt for my favorite, the bacon mushroom Swiss burger. Topped with thick-cut bacon, cremini mushrooms, onions, and Swiss cheese, there’s a whole lot of tasty flavor between the burgers and the toppings.

With all of that, it’s safe to say that Butcher & Bird serves up, not only some of the best burgers in Honolulu, but the best burgers on Oahu in general.

Address: 324 Coral St Ste 207, Honolulu, HI 96813

W&M Bar-B-Q Burgers

I love when Honolulu burger spots put local twists on their menus, and W&M Bar-B-Q Burgers specializes in just that. Every single one of their hamburgers is marinated in a secret teriyaki BBQ sauce that gives an added punch of sweet and salty flavor.

As for the burger variations, they’re all very similar. You’ll basically be picking whether you want cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onions on your burger. Simply put, the burger patty is the star at &M Bar-B-Q Burgers.

Address: 3104 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

flatlay spread of burgers and sandwiches from E.A.R.L. in Honolulu, Hawaii. Includes a long veggie sandwich, a philly cheesesteak, a fried chicken sandwich, a classic burger, and a tray of waffle fries.
Photo Courtesy of E.A.R.L.


E.A.R.L. is primarily a sandwich shop (no, not the chain one that you’re thinking of), but their burgers are so fantastic that there was no doubt in my mind that they’d make it onto this list.

Your first option is the flavor-forward Mushroom Burger. The beef patty is topped with all sorts of extra punchy foods, like Swiss cheese, white American cheese, roasted garlic mayo, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. Delicious!

But if you’d like a burger that’s WAY out of the box, you can order the Chi Town Burger. Topped with funky flavors like white American cheese, Marconi giardiniera, and cheese whiz, it’s safe to say that you’ve never had a burger quite like this one.

Kaimuki location (original location): 2919 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96826
Kakaako location – 400 Keawe St #102, Honolulu, HI 96813

close up of a burger from Honolulu Burger Co., which includes a beef patty, some cured meats, lettuce, and tomato.
Photo Courtesy of Honolulu Burger Co.

Honolulu Burger Co.

When talking about the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki, no list would be complete without Honolulu Burger Co. This Oahu eatery has so many island-inspired creations, there are too many to count!

While you can opt for a classic burger, I recommend going for something a little more out of the box. After all, Hawaii has all sorts of fun ingredients that are hard to find outside of the islands.

The A’a Chili Burger is perfect for anyone looking for a spicy bite. The Loco Moco Burger – complete with bacon, spam, egg, and brown gravy – will give you a taste of a classic island dish – in burger form, of course. And then there’s the incredible Mocha Java Burger, complete with Kona coffee rub, mole sauce, and a taro bun.

*Note: If you’re a next-level burger lover, you can take part in the King Kamehameha Challenge. Down eight burgers, two pounds of fries, and a giant milkshake in just one hour, and you’ll win a $70 gift card and a Honolulu Burger Co. t-shirt. (Only available at the Makiki/Beretania location.)

Makiki location – 1295 S Beretania St., Honolulu, HI 96814
Kaimuki location – 3583 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

Fancy burger from Livestock Tavern in Honolulu, Hawaii, complete with a thick patty, melty gruyere, frisee, and a slice of tomato. The plate also includes a side of fries and a gravy boat of ketchup.
Photo Courtesy of Livestock Tavern

Livestock Tavern

There’s only one burger on the Livestock Tavern menu, and it’s absolutely fantastic. That single burger snagged this Oahu restaurant a spot on this list of the best burgers in Waikiki and Honolulu.

Called the Tavern Burger, this delicious plate of food is deceptively simple. At first glance, it looks like a burger with lettuce, tomato, and cheese – maybe the cheese looks a little upscale. But in reality, it’s packed with flavor.

It all starts with a hefty, juicy beef patty, which is then topped with salty bacon-onion marmalade, flavorful gruyere, fancy frisee, and a class slice of tomato. And all of that goodness tucked inside a homemade brioche bun. Doesn’t that description just make your mouth water?

*Note: The menu at Livestock Tavern is always changing. So far, the Tavern Burger has managed to stick around, but the chefs could decide to switch it up any minute.

Address: 49 N Hotel St, Honolulu, HI 96817

hand holding double-stacked burger from Chubbies Burgers in Honolulu, Hawaii (with two patties) in front of bright green background.
Photo Courtesy of Chubbies Burgers

Chubbies Burgers

If you want a good ol’ casual, juicy burger in Honolulu, the kind that feels like comfort food, Chubbies Burgers is where you want to go.

I remember just a few years back when Chubbies was a simple food truck parked in a downtown Honolulu parking lot. Within just a few years, they’ve grown into a cute little brick-and-mortar location.

Chubbies claim to fame in 2016 was the smash burger. Before that, we didn’t have any smash burger spots in Hawaii, so we were missing that slightly messy goodness of crisped edges and juicy patty centers.

Today, you can visit Chubbies and get a delicious smashed burger anytime you want. Try the smoky Ten Gallon Burger, the avocado-topped El Ray Burger, or the island-inspired Teri Burger.

Address: 1145C 12th Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

A single smash burger with two bags of crinkle-cut fries from The Daley, one of the best burger places in Honolulu and Waikiki, Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of The Daley

The Daley

While Chubbies Burgers was Hawaii’s original smash burger, it’s not the only one anymore. The Daley opened its doors in September 2019, and Chubbies found itself with some stiff competition.

There are essentially two burgers (with add-ons) at The Daley, which means they’ve taken the time to perfect them both. First, there’s the ever-classic Daley Burger, complete with a smashed patty, house sauce, cheese, grilled onions, and a potato bun. It’s absolutely fantastic!

But if you’re looking for the best vegan or vegetarian burger in Honolulu, The Daley’s Beyond Burger is a pretty solid contender. Made exactly the same way as the classic Daley Burger, it’s a great plant-based alternative.

Address: 1110 Nuuanu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96817

close up of wide burger with melted cheese and pickled from Burger Carl OG3 Shop, one of the newest places to get a burger in Honolulu and Waikiki
Photo Courtesy of Burger Carl OG3 Shop

Burger Carl OG3 Shop

Opened in 2023, Burger Carl OG3 Shop (pronounced Burger Carl Ojisan Shop) is one of the newest burger spots in Honolulu – and it’s already made its mark.

This particular Honolulu burger joint puts a lot of emphasis on the meat itself. It’s The One burger is made with 100% premium American wagyu beef and the topped with tasty additions, like tomato-bacon jam and jalapenos. Talk about a gourmet burger!

There are only two other burgers on the menu, the Kaheka Smash and the Classic Cheeseburger. Both are made with high-quality grass-fed beef and are definitely worth a try.

While you can enjoy your Carl OG3 burger at the restaurant, you can also opt to take it to go. Enjoy it while lounging on one of Oahu’s best beaches or from the balcony of your Waikiki hotel room.

Address: 747 Amana St suite c111, Honolulu, HI 96814

Badass Burgers Hawaii

Without a doubt, Badass Burgers Hawaii is where you can get some of the best burgers in Honolulu. The patties are flavorful, the toppings are fun, and the owners are some of the kindest people in town. And on top of that, all of the dishes – including the burgers – are completely vegan!

Yes, that’s right. The best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki don’t just have to be for meat eaters. Vegans can get in on the fun too! While I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was in the patties, their website tells us that it’s “locally sourced ingredients,” which is good enough for me!

There are two burgers on the menu, both of which have very different toppings and are very different experiences. If you want a spruced-up version of a traditional burger, the BBQ-N-ASS burger has the classic lettuce, cheese, and tomato, along with some fancy crispy onions, truffle aioli, and truffle BBQ sauce.

If you’re looking for a burger that’s a little more out of the box, go for the Mac Daddy burger. While the toppings start with the classics – lettuce and tomato – the highlight is the ooey, gooey “cheesy” Mac Daddy sauce that’s absolutely fantastic.

Address: 521 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96817

Tall Shem Burger from Seven Brothers Burger on the North Shore of Oahu. The burger is topped with guacamole, American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a special sauce.
Photo Courtesy of Seven Brothers Burgers

BONUS: Seven Brothers Burgers

Although it’s not located in Honolulu, Seven Brothers Burgers deserves a bonus spot on this list. This local North Shore burger chain now has four locations – from Haleiwa to Laie. Basically, no matter where you are on the North Shore, you can easily make your way to a Seven Brothers Burgers location.

To make matters even better, it’s easily one of the best restaurants on the North Shore. The well-cooked, juicy burgers are topped with some of the tastiest toppings around!

Try the spicy Spencer Burger, the avocado-laden Shem Burger, or the smoky Paniolo Buger that’s topped with a mountain of fried onion rings.

55-510 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762
59-712 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712
59-712 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712
66 197 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Close up of a burger with two patties, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onions, and an orange-colored sauce

Are There Chain Burger Spots in Honolulu?

Honolulu (and Hawaii in general) does have some chain burger spots, but they’re typically fast food spots that aren’t known for their burgers — think McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box, and Wendy’s.

If you’re looking for a good quality Hawaii burger chain, we do have a few Five Guys locations on Oahu and one Sonic location on Maui. And while I’d recommend going to a locally owned burger chain, Five Guys and Sonic could come in handy if you need to catch a late-night meal in the islands (they’re open until 10 pm and 12 am, respectively!).

Just to be extra clear, Five Guys and Sonic are pretty much the only decent mainland chain burger places in Hawaii. There is no In-n-Out or Shake Shack in Hawaii. There’s also no Johnny Rockets, Culver’s or White Castle in Hawaii — and there are no plans for any of these burger places to open in the islands any time soon.

Basically, it’s best to wait until you’re back in the continental U.S. if you’re craving a specific chain burger, because you likely won’t find it in Hawaii.

What do you think of the best burgers in Honolulu and Waikiki? Are there any others that you think I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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