Where to Watch the Best Sunsets on Oahu, Hawaii

Are you looking for where to watch the best sunset on Oahu, Hawaii? This recommendation from a Hawaii local has everything you need to know.

Best Place to Watch the Sunset on Oahu Hawaii Opener Ko Olina

I’ve been kind of obsessed with sunsets lately. I mean, check out my Instagram feed where four out of the last five of my posts are of sunsets (or sunrises). I completely believe that Hawaii has the best sunsets – and I say this after watches sunsets in dozens of locations, including California, Switzerland, and Australia.  But the question is where can you watch the best sunsets on Oahu, Hawaii?

The answer: Ko Olina.

What Is This Amazing Oahu Sunset-Watching Place?

Ko Olina is a set of little lagoons on the west side of the island.  I actually wrote about this place in my very first blog post.  I remember when there was just one hotel here (it has since been renovated and changed ownership), but now it has four hotels. Now, usually, I’m against the touristy places, but I still think that Ko Olina has the best sunsets on Oahu.

Best Place to Watch the Sunset on Oahu Hawaii

Why Is It Better to Watch the Sunset Here Than Anywhere Else on Oahu?

Let me start with some facts.  The sun always sets in the West.  That means that the best view of it setting over the Pacific Ocean would be in the West.  So on Oahu, that leaves two stretches of land: from Ko Olina to Makaha and from Haleiwa to Turtle Bay Resort.

So why does Ko Olina stand out from the rest of these westward-facing places.  First of all, it has those picturesque palm trees that make stunning silhouettes. I’m very much a fan of those. Second, at Ko Olina, you have the option of having a shot of the Oahu sunset framed by the curved lagoon (like the one at the top of this post, which is completely unedited by the way) or a straight sunset shot (like the one directly above), depending on where you choose to sit (or where you choose to point your camera).

Any Other Oahu Sunset-Watching Tips?

Stay a bit later than the sun and everyone else. The beautiful, bright colors tend to come around fifteen minutes after the sun has completely set. You’re not going to get those cotton-candy colored clouds as the sun is setting.

Also, the parking at Ko Olina will say “parking lot closes at sunset” and will threaten car-towing if it’s not out of the lot by then.  But honestly, I’ve left my car there are a solid hour after sunset, and no tow truck has ever come. If that’s a real concern for you though, you could pay to park your car at one of the resorts, eat at one of the resort restaurants before or after sunset, and have validation cover the cost of your parking.

orange and yellow sunset at Ko Olina

What Other Amazing Oahu Sunset Spots Are There?

There’s a good chance that you won’t be near Ko Olina every single day of your Oahu trip (unless you’re staying in Ko Olina, of course). Luckily, there are a few other places on the island where you can see a fantastic sunset.

Sunset Beach

With a name like Sunset Beach, you know that the sunsets there won’t disappoint. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, this beach is popular with surfers during the day and sunset watchers at night. All you have to do is grab your towel, take a set on the sand and let nature do the rest! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

China Walls

If you’re looking for the best Honolulu sunset spot, look no further than China Walls This small lava rock peninsula has a bunch of rock ledges that are the perfect place for sunset watching.

*Note: While you might see others in the water, we recommend that you don’t join them. The current and waves at China Walls are very dangerous and should be left to only the most experienced swimmers, surfers, and cliff jumpers.

aerial sunset view with pastel clouds and palm tree silhouettes

Waikiki Beach

I won’t lie. Waikiki Beach isn’t my favorite spots around. But the sunsets there are still incredible. It undoubtedly one of the best places to see the sunset in Honolulu, so, if you’re staying in the area, just make the quick drive over to Waikiki Beach at the end of the day.

Yokohama Bay

Situated at the end of the road on the northwestern most tip of the island, Yokohama Bay is a popular sunset spot with locals. With the golden sand, crashing waves, and colorful sky, what more could you want?

*Pro Tip: If you’d like to take things a step further, consider going past the end of the road to the Kaena Point Hike for sunset. Just be sure to bring a fully charged flashlight for the hike back!

Tantalus Lookout

The rest of the best Oahu sunset spots on this list are all at the beach. But you can get an incredible bird’s eye view of a Hawaii sunset from Tantalus Lookout. Located just five miles from Waikiki, it’s easy enough to make this drive at the end of the day. Just be careful driving back down the winding road after dark!

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The Absolute Best Sunset on Oahu, Hawaii

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