30 Mistakes to Avoid Before Your First Time in Hawaii

diamond head first time in Hawaii opener

Are you excited for your first time in Hawaii? Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid making during your trip (from a Hawaii local!)

Before visiting Hawaii, it can be hard to know which places are worth your time and which ones aren’t. It’s even harder to know and understand local etiquette! But this guide is here to help ensure that you avoid all of these mistakes during your first time in Hawaii.

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12 Best (And Worst!) Ko Olina Restaurants

Ko Olina restaurants opener plate with lafa, a wrap with breaded chicken and colorful pickled vegetables

Looking for a guide to the best Ko Olina restaurants? This guide from a Hawaii local tells you exactly which Ko Olina restaurants are worth your time and which ones you should avoid. Will you opt for a romantic Italian restaurant? Or perhaps a Ko Olina restaurant with a bit more of Hawaii’s iconic fusion flair?

I grew up going to Ko Olina a few times every single week. I popped by so often that I figured out everything there is to know about the Ko Olina lagoons – from where to find turtles to where to get a slice of beach all to yourself to where to eat the best food. As for the food scene in particular, between the handful of hotels and the Ko Olina Center, there are several Ko Olina restaurants to choose from – and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the best from the worst. Luckily, this guide to the best (and worst!) Ko Olina restaurants is here to help!

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24 of the Best Hawaii Artists That You Should Collect

three vintage-style Hawaii posters by Nick Kuchar over wooden background Hawaii artists
Photo Courtesy of Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.

Hawaii is a place filled with natural beauty, which means it draws the eyes of many talented artists. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of talented Hawaii artists – from those who create their pieces from sea treasures to others who only use paint and a canvas. While there are so many more amazing Hawaii artists, this list of 24 is meant to spark your curiosity into this creative world.

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70 Unreal Things to Do on Kauai

things to do on Kauai opener Waipoo Falls in Waimea Canyon

Looking for an amazing list of things to do on Kauai? Well then look no further! This extensive guide has 70 unreal things to do on Kauai – all recommended by a Hawaii local!

Kauai is the Hawaiian Island that serves as a hiker’s paradise. Want to feel transported to the land of Jurassic Park with everything except for the dinosaurs? That’s what Kauai feels like. While outdoor adventures make up a large number of the things to do on Kauai, there are food, festivals, and views that are absolutely amazing as well.

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12 of the Best Kauai Restaurants

acai bowl topped with an array of fruits Kauai Restaurants

Looking for a guide to the best Kauai restaurants? This list from a Hawaii local has a dozen great recommendations for you to try out during your trip to the island. While you can of course try Hawaii’s local cuisine, Kauai also has amazing food from other cuisines, from traditional Japanese food to classic all-American burgers. Which of these amazing Kauai restaurants will you choose to dine at?

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11 Best Things to Do on Kauai When It Rains

things to do on Kauai when it rains mount waialeale

With dozens of rainy days each year, it’s a good idea to think about the best things to do on Kauai when it rains, because, odds are, your vacation to the island will have at least one or two. But when most people think of Kauai, they think of activities like hikes and beaches – neither of which are fantastic in the rain. Little do they know that there are tons of fantastic things to do on Kauai when it rains.

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The Ultimate Guide to Reef Safe Sunscreen

Reef-Safe Sunscreen opener

Talks of reef safe sunscreen have been surfacing a lot lately. What is it? Why do we need it? Where can we buy some? This ultimate guide to reef safe sunscreen has everything you need to know.

While the nitty-gritty details of the sunscreen world can get a little chemistry-heavy, the effects of non-reef safe sunscreen can be seen by just about anyone who loves the ocean. I remember when I was little and I’d go snorkeling in Hawaii’s oceans, I’d see some bright spots of coral without even having to go that deep! Now, even when I venture out farther, the coral all seems to be a dull white or pale yellow color. This is the most obvious effect of the chemicals in non-reef safe sunscreen, but that is far from all (although there are also other factors that contribute to this issue).

There is still so much that we don’t know about the consequences of non-reef safe sunscreen. But this guide aims to educate everyone who reads it on the harmful effects of traditional chemical sunscreen, as well as the benefits of reef safe sunscreen.

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9 of the Coolest Treehouses in Hawaii (That You Can Stay At!)

Treehouses in Hawaii opener

Are you searching for the coolest treehouses in Hawaii? Then look no further! This list has nine of Hawaii’s best treehouses that are available for rent. Looking for one featured on HGTV? Or maybe one that’s just minutes away from Hawaii Volcano’s National Park? Or perhaps one that’s just the right balance between comfort and luxury? No matter what you prefer, there’s a fantastic treehouse in Hawaii for you featured on this list.

As kids, we all imagined living in a treehouse for a little while. I mean, what could be cooler than sleeping in a little house nestled in a huge tree? Now, you can make that dream come true! You can not only live in a treehouse, but you can live in a treehouse in Hawaii!! Which of these amazing treehouses in Hawaii will you choose to stay at?

Lastly, as an added bonus, you can get a free $40 Airbnb coupon simply by using our code when you book!

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11 Easy Hikes on Oahu That Are Absolutely Amazing

Easy hikes on Oahu opener

Searching for a list of easy hikes on Oahu that are worth your time? This list from an Oahu local has got you covered! There are so many wonderful Oahu hikes that sometimes it can be difficult to pick which ones to go on, especially when you’re trying to decipher which ones you can physically do. This guide filled with the easy hikes on Oahu answers all of the questions that you may have.


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