16 Best Desserts in Hawaii That You Need to Try

red, white, and yellow shave ice desserts in Hawaii

Are you looking for the best desserts in Hawaii? This guide from a Hawaii local has all of the best tasty treats that the islands have to offer.

Hawaii is filled with delicious desserts from shave ice to haupia to malasadas. And they’re all fantastic! You’ll likely notice that these treats are not solely Hawaiian. Rather, they have a range of culinary influences, including Japan, China, and the Philippines. That said, all of these desserts have become staples of a sort in Hawaii, making them part of the island chain’s food culture.

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The Ultimate Guide to Uber in Hawaii

Uber in Hawaii waterfall

Looking for the ultimate guide to Uber in Hawaii? Look no further! This guide from a Hawaii local has everything you need to know about Hawaii Ubers.

Uber is a convenient form of transportation in many of the world’s largest cities. But is Uber a convenient form of transportation in Hawaii? That question is a little more complicated than it may seem. It depends on what area you are in and where you would like to go. But all of these details are explained in this guide to Uber in Hawaii.

If you are new to Uber, use this discount code to save you a bit of money!

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12 Best (And Worst!) Ko Olina Restaurants

Ko Olina restaurants opener plate with lafa, a wrap with breaded chicken and colorful pickled vegetables

Looking for a guide to the best Ko Olina restaurants? This guide from a Hawaii local tells you exactly which Ko Olina restaurants are worth your time and which ones you should avoid. Will you opt for a romantic Italian restaurant? Or perhaps a Ko Olina restaurant with a bit more of Hawaii’s iconic fusion flair?

I grew up going to Ko Olina a few times every single week. I popped by so often that I figured out everything there is to know about the Ko Olina lagoons – from where to find turtles to where to get a slice of beach all to yourself to where to eat the best food. As for the food scene in particular, between the handful of hotels and the Ko Olina Center, there are several Ko Olina restaurants to choose from – and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the best from the worst. Luckily, this guide to the best (and worst!) Ko Olina restaurants is here to help!

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11 Easy Hikes on Oahu That Are Absolutely Amazing

Easy hikes on Oahu opener

Searching for a list of easy hikes on Oahu that are worth your time? This list from an Oahu local has got you covered! There are so many wonderful Oahu hikes that sometimes it can be difficult to pick which ones to go on, especially when you’re trying to decipher which ones you can physically do. This guide filled with the easy hikes on Oahu answers all of the questions that you may have.


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A Detailed Comparison of Oahu vs. Maui (From a Local)

Oahu vs. Maui Opener

Many visitors to the Hawaiian Islands try to make the comparison of Oahu vs. Maui. Honestly, it can be hard to distinguish which island will be better for your trip if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of each of the islands. And while many Hawaii guides, including Borders & Bucket Lists, do a brief comparison of all of the islands, they hardly compare the two most frequently visited Hawaiian Islands: Oahu vs. Maui. So to help you make your decision, here’s a detailed comparison of Oahu vs. Maui (from a local).

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20 of the Coolest Airbnbs in Hawaii

Airbnbs in Hawaii Opener
Photo Courtesy of The Surf Shack

Are you on the hunt for the coolest Airbnbs in Hawaii? From treehouses to glass pyramids to yachts to luxury villas, there are dozens of stunning Airbnbs in Hawaii. Which one will you choose for your dream vacation?

Airbnb has revitalized the travel industry. Rather than having to stay in the same hotels in the same touristy cities as everyone else (like in Waikiki, for example), you can stay pretty much anywhere that you would like in the coolest of accommodations – like the 20 below.

As an added bonus, you can get a free $40 Airbnb coupon by using our code when you book!

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12 Rewarding North Shore, Oahu Hikes

North Shore Oahu Hikes Opener

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to the best North Shore, Oahu hikes? This guide from an Oahu, Hawaii local has everything that you need to know to have the best experience hiking Oahu’s North Shore.

Hidden among the surfers and food trucks, there are several North Shore, Oahu hikes that are absolutely amazing. With some lead you to stunning viewpoints, others lead you to hidden waterfalls. Honestly, the North Shore of Oahu is a hidden treasure trove when it comes to hikes. Here are 12 rewarding North Shore, Oahu hikes.


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23 Breathtaking Hawaii Waterfalls

Hawaii Waterfalls Opener

Hawaii waterfalls are easily some of the most beautiful in the world. Flowing through gorgeous, lush mountain ranges, these stunning waterfalls can be found most of the Hawaiian Islands. While many of these Hawaii waterfalls can be accessed by car or on foot, there are also quite a few gems that can only be seen by sea or by air. Here are 23 breathtaking Hawaii waterfalls.


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6 Blooming Botanical Gardens on Oahu

Botanical Gardens on Oahu Opener

Are you searching for the best botanical gardens on Oahu? This guide from an Oahu, Hawaii local has everything that you need to know.

Visitors to Oahu tend to have a love of nature, so it’s no surprise that the botanical gardens on Oahu are becoming beloved attractions. From stunning mountains to plants of the world and even a few animal visitors, these Oahu botanical gardens are prime little pockets of nature.


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