10 Books about Hawaii to Read Before Your Trip

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When I go on trips, I usually don’t do a ton of book reading. And that’s pretty unfortunate. There have been a few times that I’ve coincidentally read a book or two (fiction or non-fiction) set in my destination, and I enjoyed my trip so much more! So to help you make your trip to Hawaii more enjoyable, here are 10 books about Hawaii to read before your trip over! Continue reading “10 Books about Hawaii to Read Before Your Trip”

18 Gifts from Hawaii (That You Can Buy Online!)

Are you looking for the best gifts from Hawaii (that you can buy online)? This guide from a Hawaii local has all of the best recommendations!

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The holiday season is around the corner, and I’ll be spending it in my lovely sunny Hawaiian home. Unfortunately for many other Hawaii-enthusiasts across the globe, Hawaii won’t be on their holiday itinerary. Instead, give them a little piece of the islands with these 18 gifts from Hawaii that you can buy online.

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