Pirates’ Cove: My New Favorite Southern California Beach

Pirates' Cove
I absolutely love beaches.  When you find one that you like, it becomes the perfect place to escape from the crowds, the stress, and the worries of life.  It becomes an amazing getaway, just like the beach I wrote about in my very first post.  However, even though I’ve gone to school in Southern California for around a year now, I still hadn’t found my perfect getaway beach.  Until now.

This week, a friend and I went on a mini adventure to check out a new beach in the area.  We decided to check out Pirates’ Cove in Malibu, California.  Honestly, I was expecting one of those typical California beaches that stretch for miles and miles and have hundreds and hundreds of people there every day.  Pirates’ Cove, or at least the part I went to, was nothing like that.

We pulled up into the nearly empty parking lot and walked onto a beach that had only a handful of other people.  We laid out our towels on the warm – not hot – sand and ate our chorizo breakfast burritos from Lily’s.  Because it was low tide, the waves broke close to shore, so we could feel the ocean mist.  We even saw a couple of sea lions pop their heads up!  It was a magical experience.  It actually kind of reminded me of some of my favorite beaches back home in Hawaii.

Besides the $8 we had to pay for parking – which, considering I’ve seen beaches that charge up to $15 for parking in Southern California, this wasn’t too bad – I absolutely loved it.  This is definitely going to be my go to beach from now on.

After we left, I found out that there’s another beach just around the corner that has sea lions lounging around. I guess that’s just an adventure for next time!

So if you ever find yourself in Southern California, go ahead and explore the beautiful beach-covered coastline.  You definitely won’t regret it.


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