I Found a SoCal Waterfall WITH WATER!

A SoCal Waterfall with Water

As most people know, California was in a severe drought from 2013-2017.  Even now, when the state is supposedly no longer extremely deprived of water, it is quite difficult to find water-based natural landmarks, like rivers, creeks, and waterfalls, that actually have a decent amount of water flowing through them.  I actually hiked a different waterfall a few weeks ago, and it only had a trickle of water.  But I was determined to find a nearby waterfall hike to satisfy by obsession (as seen by this post and this one and this one).  So when I found a SoCal waterfall with water, I was hyped.

Where is it?

It was just last weekend when a friend and I decided to hike to a waterfall that we’d never heard of: Paradise Falls.  Nestled between the residential houses of the city of Thousand Oaks, this secret gem is hidden away in a cozy little nook.  After parking in a little dirt piece of land, we started the hike just as the sun was setting.

The signs were quite clear.  We simply followed the ones that said, “Paradise Falls”, and we didn’t have any problems.  We even saw a cool teepee on the way there!!  If you’re feeling the need for a break, this is a cool place to sit and relax for a bit.

The waterfall itself was actually larger than I expected, although I had quite low expectations to be honest.  It was probably around 25-30 feet high WITH FLOWING WATER, so I was quite happy.

When should I go?

I also definitely recommend doing this hike at sunset.  Besides the amazingly beautiful views that come with a sunset hike, I think this particular hike would be easier at this time of day.  Why? It is actually downhill on the way to the waterfall, and uphill when you return.  So if you do the hike at sunset, it will be nice and cool for your more strenuous walk back.

What should I bring?

Honestly, it is quite an easy hike, so perhaps just a little bag with water, a snack, and a camera would be all you need.

What other waterfall hikes do you know of in Southern California?  Write them below in the comments!


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