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Sometimes when you come back home from a trip (or, in my case, a year of study abroad), your hometown may seem a little boring. What happened to the adventure every day? Seeing new sites? Eating weird foods? Talking to cool people? It seems like all of that is gone.  Since I’ve been back, I’ve tried to keep that spirit of adventure alive. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find new, adventurous things to do, and here are the best ways to find some.  Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to explore your home too!

Google “Things to do in …”

First thing’s first. Check Google. Usually this will pop up with pages like Tripadvisor, Travelocity, and a couple of local magazines. My recommendation? Always check out those local magazines first. They usually give more than the typical tourist attractions that you’ve either already done or simply aren’t worth the visit.


Yelp is a great place to find new restaurants to visit. Having a craving for a specific food, but not really sure where to get it? Yelp is the go-to app. Just last week, I was craving a musubi, which is traditionally a spam and rice roll wrapped in seaweed, and Yelp found me a solid new musubi place.

Travel Blogs

If your initial instinct is “my town is too boring for anyone to write a travel blog about,” think again. There are tons of small, unheard of towns out there filled with hidden gems – and yours could be one of them! Take some time to scour the internet, and you’ll probably find some travel blogger out there who found an amazing hike, beach, park, or store that you never even knew existed.


Instagram has probably become my new favorite way of finding things to do on the island. When I see friends post something amazing, I’m like “WHERE IS THAT?!” I’ve also started following a few other popular local IG accounts. Some post about the amazing views on the island, which I then try to go see with my own eyes. Others post specific waterfalls, beaches, or hikes to check out. And then there are the food-centric accounts, which are constantly posting pictures of new acai bowls, musubis, poke bowls, kalua pork sandwiches – all new places for me to add to my list.

So if you think you live in the world’s most boring town, think again. You never know what hidden treasures could be just around the corner.

Disclosure: I may use referral links in this post, and I might make a commission on my recommendations at no extra cost to you.

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