A Discovery-Filled Weekend in Seattle

My Favorite Things to Do in Seattle Sunset Views

This weekend, a few friends and I flew off to Seattle, Washington to make use of the long weekend.  I have to say, we had quite the adventure.  So to go beyond the typical Pike Place Market and Seattle Space Needle, here are some of my favorite things to do in Seattle.

My Favorite Things to Do in Seattle Food Molly Moon's

The Food!

Seattle is surprisingly a great food scene.  Besides having the first Starbucks and the biggest bowl of pho, Seattle is full of hidden tasty treats.

For breakfast, Seattle has a ton of good options.  The downside: the wait.  All three days that we were there, we looked up a brunch place on Yelp, walked to it, and were told that there would be at least an hour wait (once it was a four-hour wait).  We ended up just going around the corner and finding a different place, and every single time it was absolutely delicious.  I really enjoyed Cherry Street Coffee House.  Located in downtown Seattle, Cherry Street Coffee House is a great place to get bomb breakfast sandwiches and AMAZING caramel apple cider.  If I lived in Seattle I would probably come here every day to get this apple cider.  That’s how good it was.

As for a place to grab some coffee, Anchorhead Coffee is the place to go.  Anchorhead Coffee has a very modern aesthetic with their slightly adventurous drinks served in tall, thin glasses.  A friend of mine ordered a pistachio matcha latte – quite the original combo – and she was definitely a fan.

Then, of course, there’s dinner.  As a Hawaii local, I’m very picky about my seafood.  I’m usually quite hesitant to eat seafood anywhere besides home, even in Southern California.  However, while in Seattle, I decided to give them a chance, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Ivar’s is a great place for some seafood.  I got the fish and chips, and it was quite good.  The portions there are pretty large, so if you don’t have the biggest appetite, maybe split a meal.

And to finish off, you’ve got to have some ice cream for dessert (I think my obsession with ice cream is quite apparent since I wrote an entire post on ice cream places in Southern California).  However, in the Pacific Northwest, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is well-known to Seattle locals for its amazing flavors.  In addition to their typical flavors like maple walnut and honey lavender, they also have a few seasonal flavors that are delicious!

My Favorite Things to do in Seattle Art Chihuly Glass

The Art!

I also was not expecting Seattle to be the artsy place that it was.  Amid all of the coffee shops, there were quite a few record shops.  As we browsed around, the music of The Beatles or The Carpenters would be playing in the background.  And the records were reasonably priced as well!  So if this up your alley, be sure to check these shops out while you are in Seattle.

Seattle also highlights a completely different form of art: glass-blowing at Chihuly Garden and Glass.  While this museum has a pretty pricey entrance fee ($24 for an adult visitor), I would still recommend it.  Besides just going around and looking at large pieces of glasswork (which is definitely an amazing sight to see), you also get a complimentary photo with the artwork and glass-blowing demonstrations (I really enjoyed this).  The glass-blowing demo “host” was quite quirky and fun, so he made the process really interesting.  After that, I was kind of inspired to learn how to glass blow myself, but we’ll see how far that idea goes lol.

My Favorite Things to do in Seattle Skyline

The Views!

For the views of Seattle, tourists usually go to one place and one place only: the Seattle Space Needle.  But what they fail to notice is that by being in the Space Needle, this iconic building will not be in their photos.  Therefore, I recommend going to the Sky View Observatory in the Columbia Center.  The view you can get from 73-stories up is absolutely amazing (and quite a bit higher that the Space Needle).

The Gas Works Park is also a great place for some Seattle city views, especially at sunset.  I would highly recommend going here if you can (it is out of the city center, so you will have to take a few buses).

My absolute favorite place for a Seattle view is on the ferry back from Bainbridge Island.  Bainbridge Island is a cute little community that is a great break from the city life.  And, if you plan it right, you can see the Seattle skyline at night or with the sunset in the background – your preference.

What are your favorite things to do in Seattle?  Write them below in the comments!


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