A Photo Post on Chinatown Waikiki

Smith Street Sign Chinatown Waikiki

My family and I took a trip into Chinatown Waikiki this week, and it was a shock to all of the senses.  We were constantly getting moved around by the crowd of shoppers speaking in rapid Chinese and ending up by booths that smelled distinctly like Asian markets.  Although I can only share the visual stimuli with you over this blog, I hope you enjoy!

Chinatown Waikiki Squid

Chinatown Waikiki Lychee

Chinatown Waikiki Dragonfruit

Chinatown Waikiki Chicken Feet

Chinatown Waikiki Produce

Admist the tako (the Hawaiian word for octopus), rambutan, dragon fruit, and chicken feet of Chinatown Waikiki, my eyes were darting from stand to stand.  I was so excited to see what intriguing food would be just around the next corner each time.  It was almost like a scavenger hunt to find the coolest, most outrageous food I could try – and it was quite fun.  I ended up just settling on some rambutan (I mean, how could I pass up this delicious, fuzzy red fruit?).

*Note: Parking in Chinatown Waikiki can be quite difficult. The options are either street parking or lot parking (which is usually VERY cramped).  In other words, if possible, try to find some decent street parking, even if it may take some time (and maybe even a couple of horn honks).

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