5 Cool Travel Blogs to Check Out

Travel Blogs to Check Out

Obviously, I’m still pretty new at this whole travel blogging thing.  I mean, I love doing it, but I still have a lot to improve on.  A LOT.  To try to learn how to get better, I’ve been reading a bunch of travel blogs and online magazines, and here are a few of my favorites.

On the Grid

On the Grid is great for people who know where they are going and just want unique ideas of what to do.  Anything from farmers’ markets to monumental hotels to trendy pubs to dog parks, On the Grid has places that even some locals haven’t heard about.

-They go for the atypical, so don’t expect to see the Eiffel Tower on their Paris guide.

-The site is still being built, so many popular cities still don’t have a guide.

World of Wanderlust

For a while, this was my favorite travel blog.  Brooke Saward has advice for travelers, not just in major cities, like Paris and Amsterdam (which she covered extensively), but also small random towns, like Annecy, France or Ghent, Belgium.  She encourages her readers to go off the beaten path and discover the true culture of an area.

-Big city or small town, this blog has you covered.
-Major foodie!


-A lot of her more recent posts seem to simply repeat the information of her past posts.  There isn’t a lot of new material here.


This dude-centric magazine is actually filled with trips that I, as a female, would love to take.  They also take budget into consideration, which the other travel blogs and magazines on this list don’t do.  Many of their articles focus on affordable getaways or activities to do right here in the United States, so if money is kind of tight, Thrillist is for you.

-They try to stay ahead of the curve and tell you what’s cool before it is.
-More affordable activities

-There’s a lot of material to sort through before you find an article that you really enjoy.

The Great Affair

Whenever I visit this travel blog by Candace Rose Rardon, it’s because I’m in the mood for some awesome paintings to go with the travel stories.  Candace Rose Rardon is an amazing sketch artist, and she is able to just sit down, anywhere in the world, and paint the scene right in front of her eyes.  Then, when she gets to a laptop with Wi-Fi, she has the gift of being able to connect her artwork to a narrative that captivates the readers.  That’s absolutely amazing.

-The artwork! It feels like you are transported with her to wherever she is on the globe.

-Her posts can be rather infrequent – sometimes with gaps of several months.

Get Lost Magazine

This Australian travel magazine is one of my latest obsessions.  I literally spent three hours today looking through their website.  I absolutely love the “do” section of their website (although the cool treehouses in the “stay” section are pretty awesome too).  With ideas like skiing in the Middle East or having your karma cleansed in India, this travel magazine is unlike any other.  You know I’ll constantly be checking this one, because I’m always down for another adventure.

-They provide awesome, unique ideas that you can’t find on any other travel blog or magazine.

-Sometimes these activities cost a lot of money that most people simply don’t have.

Disclosure: I may use referral links in this post, and I might make a commission on my recommendations at no extra cost to you.

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