4 Reasons to Take a Spontaneous Road Trip

Spontaneous Road Trip to San Francisco

This past weekend, a group of my friends and I spontaneously decided to road trip up to the Bay Area, just because we felt like it.  We did it “for the lols” – and I didn’t regret it for even a second.  So here are just a few reasons to take a spontaneous road trip.

The People

Any kind of road trip, spontaneous or not, is a bonding experience.  You’ll see people through their best (like at the start of the journey with a pack of Firework Oreos ready to go) and their worst (like after five hours of driving and 3/4ths of the Oreos gone).  You’ll rock out to throwbacks together, and you’ll have deep talks together – ones that you wouldn’t have if you could just walk away.

The Places

Road trips are always full of random stops.  You see an In-n-Out?  Pull over!  You see a cool-looking beach?  Pull over!  You see a cat that looks like a mini tiger crossing the street?  Pull over!  On our road trip, we pulled over at Pismo Beach and watched a random wedding.  Do I regret it?  Never.

Here’s a more concrete list of places to stop at during your road trip between San Francisco and LA, if you need some level of planning in your life.

The Mishaps

On any trip, there is going to be some sort of mishap, whether it’s wandering around a residential area completely lost for half an hour or overeating to the point that you can’t move.  The hilarious part of a road trip though, is the fact that everyone has to endure these mishaps together.  If you’re lost, you’re all in the same car.  If you pull up to a cool food place, already completely stuffed before you even step foot in the building, you’re all going to overeat together.

The Memories

The final – and best – reason to go on a spontaneous road trip is for the mems.  Road trips are already full of memories – the people, the places, the food – but spontaneous ones are full with even more, like the random stops that no one ever could’ve planned, the many mishaps and how you deal with them, and all of the laughs that come with the experience.

Planning on taking a road trip that starts or ends in San Francisco? Here’s a guide with two days worth of activities!

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