The Best Maui Poke Spots: 5 Authentic Eateries

Are you looking for the best Maui poke spots? This guide from a Hawaii local has all of the tastiest recommendations.

ahi poke from South Maui Fish Company best Maui poke spots
Photo Courtesy of South Maui Fish Company

Poke bowls have become very popular in recent years, with poke businesses popping up all over the world. But, if I’m being honest, the vast majority of poke places outside of Hawaii are far from authentic. I’ve seen poke bowls outside of the island with chicken instead of fish, greens instead of rice, and even a smattering of Cheeto crumbs on top!

So if you find yourself in Hawaii, I highly recommend that you make some time to try authentic poke. The combination of fresh fish and bold seasoning is just absolutely incredible. Here are 5 incredible Maui poke spots to get the best poke around.

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