13 Best (And Worst!) Ko Olina Restaurants to Visit

Looking for a guide to the best Ko Olina restaurants? This guide from a Hawaii local tells you everything you need to know.

Ko Olina restaurants opener plate with lafa, a wrap with breaded chicken and colorful pickled vegetables

Which Ko Olina restaurants are worth your time? Which ones you should you avoid? Will you opt for a romantic Italian restaurant? Or perhaps a Ko Olina restaurant with a bit more of Hawaii’s iconic fusion flair?

I grew up going to Ko Olina a few times every single week. I popped by so often that I figured out everything there is to know about the Ko Olina lagoons – from where to find turtles to where to get a slice of beach all to yourself to where to eat the best food.

As for the food scene in particular, between the handful of hotels and the Ko Olina Center, there are several Ko Olina restaurants to choose from – and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the best from the worst. Luckily, this guide to the best (and worst!) Ko Olina restaurants is here to help!

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