6 Blooming Botanical Gardens on Oahu

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Are you searching for the best botanical gardens on Oahu? This guide from an Oahu, Hawaii local has everything that you need to know.

Visitors to Oahu tend to have a love of nature, so it’s no surprise that the botanical gardens on Oahu are becoming beloved attractions. From stunning mountains to plants of the world and even a few animal visitors, these Oahu botanical gardens are prime little pockets of nature.


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9 Stunning Oahu Scenic Drives

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Oahu, Hawaii is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you can see a ton of the island’s nature beauty on casual Oahu scenic drives. You don’t have to go on difficult hikes or pay expensive tour companies to get some of the best views. This guide has nine of the most stunning Oahu scenic drives.

Before I get started, I want to clarify something. While you can drive around the entire island of Oahu in one day, I don’t recommend it. How long does it take to drive around Oahu, you ask? In theory, without the island’s horrendous traffic, it only takes three and a half hours. But this means that you’ll miss all of the excitement in the middle, and you won’t make any stops. Instead, I recommend picking and choosing your favorite Oahu scenic drives from the list below and centering a day-long itinerary around that area, rather than trying to cover the entire island in one day.


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The Ultimate Guide to Where to Stay on Oahu, Hawaii

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Are you looking for the ultimate guide to where to stay on Oahu, Hawaii? This guide from a an Oahu local has everything that you need to know.

Even though this amazing Hawaiian Island is rather small, it can be quite daunting to try to determine where to stay on Oahu. There are simply so many options! Do you want popular Waikiki? Kid-friendly Ko Olina? Or perhaps the lazy North Shore? Considering staying at a vacation rental? Or just want to opt for the usual Oahu hotel? This guide to where to stay on Oahu will explore all of these areas and more, so you can decide on exactly where to stay on Oahu.


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