What Is the Best Hawaiian Island to Visit?

Best Hawaiian Island to Visit Oahu 1
Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Hawaii each year, and I’ve always wondered how they make their decisions of which island to visit. After all, the Hawaiian Islands are some of the most beautiful islands in the USA. Each Hawaiian Island has its own unique experience, so I definitely think visitors should think a bit longer about which Hawaiian Island they want to visit.  So here are a few little descriptions to help you answer the daunting question: what is the best Hawaiian Island to visit?
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The Ultimate Hawaii Packing List

Are you looking for the best Hawaii packing list? This list from a Hawaii local includes all of the items you won’t think to bring! (And as an added bonus, a Hawaii packing list pdf is available at the end of the article.)

Hawaii Packing List

Millions of tourists come to visit Hawaii each and every year – and many times, they are quite unprepared, because their Hawaii Packing List doesn’t reming them of the things that they’ll forget to bring!

Sure, everyone knows to pack swimwear and flip-flops (slippers for locals), but Hawaii adventures require a bit more than that.  So to help you out, here is a fantastic Hawaii packing list for you to reference.

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Where to Watch the Best Sunsets on Oahu, Hawaii

Are you looking for where to watch the best sunset on Oahu, Hawaii? This recommendation from a Hawaii local has everything you need to know.

Best Place to Watch the Sunset on Oahu Hawaii Opener Ko Olina

I’ve been kind of obsessed with sunsets lately. I mean, check out my Instagram feed where four out of the last five of my posts are of sunsets (or sunrises). I completely believe that Hawaii has the best sunsets – and I say this after watches sunsets in dozens of locations, including California, Switzerland, and Australia.  But the question is where can you watch the best sunsets on Oahu, Hawaii?

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