16 Things to Add Your Bucket List Right Now

Bucket List

I am not the kind of person to have a bucket list. The idea of having a list of things to do and needing to complete them all isn’t my thing – it’s basically another to-do list, and I’m not about that. I do have an adventure list, which is similar in that it is also a list of cool things to do; however, I do not feel the need to complete them all. But that won’t stop me from recommending 16 things to add to the bucket lists that you inevitably have.

Watch the Tour de France in Paris

I did this one by accident, which was pretty cool. My family and I just happened to be in Paris on the final day of the 99th Tour de France. Who even does that? But I have to say, it is one thing to watch bikers zoom past on a TV screen and another to see them zoom past your face.

Pet a Koala at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia

I love koalas. They can sleep for 20 hours a day and no one judges them. So, if you get to hold one, odds are they will be awake – use their precious four hours of awareness wisely.

Bucket List Sleep in the Sahara Sleep in the Sahara

I’ve done this one, and, boy, was it an experience! Not only did we sleep in the Sahara Desert in Morocco – but we did it in torn tents during a sandstorm. Truly a one of a kind of experience. Obviously, I was not a huge fan of the sand and the cold air blowing in my face all night. Rather, I think this should be added to everyone’s bucket list, because watching the sun rise above the vast orange dunes (after such a testing experience) is truly a sight to see

Eat Poffertjes in the Netherlands

I. LOVE. POFFERTJES. When I tried these tini tiny little pancakes for the first time in the Netherlands a few years back, I immediately decided that they were my new favorite food. The fluffy little dough balls with the sweet fruity toppings were just so good!

Shop at Khan El Khalili in Egypt

Are you ready for an experience of full on cultural chaos? Journey to the Khan El Khalili shopping district in Egypt. With all the vendors, all the shoppers, and all the shops, there is barely enough room to move. But if you are looking for anything – anything at all – odds are you’ll find it here – or at least a knock off version.

Bucket List Walk Across a Country

Walk Across a Country

Now, before you scroll past this one because you think it’s just pure insanity, hear me out. There are some small countries out there. Like ones that are only fifteen miles across. Example: Liechtenstein. This is the one I walked across. A couple of friends and I spent the night on the Switzerland-Liechtenstein border, and in the morning, we started walking through parks, across towns, and on the sides of highways until we reached the Liechtenstein-Austria border in the afternoon. It was such a fun experience. Some other recommendations for small countries to walk across in a day or two: San Marino, Luxembourg, and Andorra.

Zip Line Over a Waterfall

Basically, the only reason someone wouldn’t do this (besides financial reasons) is fear. And I believe that fears are meant to be conquered. So go for it. Get buckled up and zip right over to the other side of a massive waterfall.

Visit a European Christmas Market

Christmas markets are so filled with the Christmas spirit, it basically feels like Santa and his elves should live there. And European Christmas spirit is so different from American Christmas spirit, as I wrote about last year.

Bucket List Hike to a Waterfall

Hike to a Waterfall

If hasn’t been obvious from my post on Manoa Falls or Likeke Falls or Uisage Ban Falls or Waimea Falls, I love waterfalls. Please go find one and hike to it ASAP.

Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan

Ever since I first learned about the Sapporo Snow Festival in elementary school, I’ve wanted to go. The ice sculptures the artists make are absolutely insane! There have even been a few artists who make their sculptures interactive – like one dude who made a sculpture that had slides that people could cruise down on their sleds. How cool is that?

Visit Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu. Monument of the Incas. Iconic in so many ways. I need to make my way down here one day – and so do you.

Do a Triathlon (or a Half-Triathlon)

I don’t know if there is any better way to feel physically superior than by doing a triathlon. I mean swimming, biking, and running for miles. If you finish a triathlon – or even half of one – you’re basically a super hero.

Bucket List Lago di Braie Italy

Visit Lago di Braie in Italy

Lago di Braie is one of the most gorgeous lakes I have ever seen. While I went in the winter, I’ve had friends who have gone in the summer and fall, and it looks absolutely beautiful then too. Basically, this is the hidden, cooler version of Lake Como. You’re welcome.

Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip

I gave four reasons for this in one of my other blog posts. Anyways, my point is I highly recommend.

Skydive in Hawaii

Hawaii is the place to skydive. Because it is at sea level, you can fall 15,000 feet – the highest altitude you can go without an oxygen mask. If you start at a higher altitude – say 5,000 feet – you can still only start your fall from 15,000 feet, so the drop is 10,000 feet instead. So if you’re an adrenaline junky, add this one to your list!

Hang out with Elephants on the Beach in Gabon

OH. MY. GOD. If I had a bucket list, this would be the first thing on it. At Loango National Park in Gabon, there are literally elephants walking on the beach. WHAT? My mind is blown. I want to hang out with elephants on the beach!

Wow, I had quite a fun time with this – telling other people what to add to their bucket lists. Perhaps I will make a bucket list of my own after this. And if you have any ideas of what I should add to this potential bucket list, write about them in the comments!


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